5 Mistakes You’re Making When Washing Your Face

You may think that washing your face is just a simple task. But what if you are making some common mistakes in this easy task that can cost you healthy and glowing skin?

If your skin is lacking that radiant glow you must be doing something that is stopping your face from looking its most beautiful. Not accurately performing this simple routine can do more harm than good to your face.

Such harmless face washing methods can wreak havoc on your face that results in excessive oil, dryness, and acne breakouts. The best part about these skincare mistakes is that they can be easily fixed.

From choosing the right face cleanser to removing make-up properly these habits can make a huge difference. Avoid these 5 mistakes for clear and glowing skin. Stay tuned to know more!

The Wrong cleanser

The secret behind having flawless, radiant skin lies in purchasing and choosing the right products for your skin type. Skin types can be either oily, dry, or acne-prone so the appropriate cleansing product is going to work the best for each of the following skin types.

The right cleanser should be able to get rid of any excess oil and dirt from your face and should not strip your skin of its necessary natural oils. Dermatologists suggest hydrating cleansing lotions for dry to normal complexions. Anti-inflammatory gel or foaming cleanser is recommended for those with oily skin.

Not removing make-up first

You’re wrong if you think that you could wash your make-up along with cleansing your face. While a cleanser can surely wipe off the excess oil, dirt, impurities, and make-up, it is not meant to get rid of make-up.

When you use your cleanser as a make-up remover you are not allowing it to remove any excess impurities or oil from your face. Its purpose remains unserved i.e. washing your face! Consider removing your make-up with micellar water or make-up remover before you reach for your cleanser.

Using dirty hands or tools

You should pay attention to washing your hands properly before washing your face. You should be sure that your hands are not dirty before you put them on your delicate face. Daily you touch lots of things like your cell phone, door handles, and other surfaces that could lead to the accumulation of bacteria on your hands.

This bacteria when it reaches your face could lead to acne breakouts, zits, or pimples. If you are using washing tools like a washcloth or loofah then it is imperative that you must keep those items clean too. After all, your skin deserves a gentle and clean touch.


Exfoliation is done to remove any dead skin cells from the surface of your skin so that your face can radiate its natural glow. Exfoliation is necessary for smooth, healthy, bright skin but you need not go overboard with it as everyone has different skin types.

There is no such rule that tells us how many times a week we should exfoliate.

Some people tend to exfoliate daily while others are okay by exfoliating once or twice a week.

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It depends on your skin type so you ought to pay more attention as to how your skin responds and accordingly you can determine how often you need to exfoliate. You can also glance at the exposed skin care reviews to learn more about the Exposed skin care range of products.

Leaving your skin bare without any moisturiser

What measures you take after washing your face is just as important as how you are washing your face. Once you are done cleansing your face and you have patted it dry you should consider moisturizing it with moisturizer or serum.

Dermatologists highly recommend hydrating and moisturizing your face post-cleansing as it assists in locking the hydration so that it does not evaporate immediately. Moisturizing applies to oily skin types too. Keep in mind to not apply acne products after cleansing as they lead to irritation.

But first, wash your face

So are you also guilty of some of these mistakes? Be it over-exfoliating or not using any moisturizer, we all tend to sometimes ignore washing our face properly. Your face is exposed to pollutants, dust, oil, sun, and sweat throughout the day.

But by adopting and updating some of your habits you are likely to get an even-tone skin and flawless complexion. At the end of the day, you want to get rid of all these impurities and sleep peacefully with healthy skin.

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