5 Products We Love from Luxury UK Skincare Brand, Cowshed [Review]


We get a lot of great beauty imports here in South Africa, but I haven’t been this excited about a new arrival in a long time. It might seem like a dream, but legendary UK skincare brand, Cowshed has finally arrived in South Africa. The name might sound a little wacky, but as it turns out, the brand was conceived after founder, Nick Jones, transformed his old farm’s cowshed into a spa for the guests of his luxury country estate and hotel, Soho House. Now, many moons later, the brand and its line of honest, wild-crafted products for the bath, body, and home, are synonymous with luxury. This high-class reputation comes from the fact that Cowshed takes the formulations of their products very seriously, using thoughtful scents to enhance your mood with indulgent textures and body products that truly make a difference. I got a chance to explore a few things from the range being launched in South Africa and while the range is extensive (very extensive!) after much sampling and sniffing, I did manage to pick a few favourites! Here are my 5 must-try products from the Cowshed range:

Rather than dividing their products in the line by skin type, Cowshed focuses on moods and giving their customers a ‘feeling’. Some of the ‘moods’ include ‘Knackered Cow’ (with calming lavender and mood-lifting eucalyptus essential oils) which is sure to be a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted; ‘Moody Cow’ (with rose geranium, linden blossom, and frankincense) for when you’re flustered and unpredictable; ‘Lazy Cow’ (with sleep-inducing chamomile, soothing jasmine, and calming sandalwood) for when you want to relax and slow down; and ‘Wild Cow’ – (with invigorating ginger, energising Lemongrass and reviving rosemary) which will help you to start your day on a high. Each ‘mood’ is also then further divided into a collection of pamper and home products, such as body lotions, bath and body oils, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, scented candles, and diffusers – like I said, the range is extensive.

1. Cowshed ‘Gorgeous Cow’ Blissful Room Candle

If you love candles, you’re going to be OBSESSED with Cowshed’s candle offerings. Not only are their candles super long-lasting but they smell like absolute heaven in a jar. This ‘Gorgeous Cow’ candle is pure happiness and the blissed-out blend of ylang-ylang, Moroccan rose, palmarosa and lavender will have you feeling relaxed and calm in no time at all. What’s more, all Cowshed candles are made from natural soy wax – an environmentally-friendly, renewable source which delivers a clean burn and a pure scent throw. The wax is 100% biodegradable so easily washes out if there are any little mishaps.

Find it at selected Woolworths stores and online via the Beautiful Age website at R700.

2. Cowshed ‘Grumpy Cow’ Uplifting Shower Scrub

grumpy cow

Feeling grumpy? Feeling low? This shower scrub has got your back. The next time you feel like you have a short fuse, count to 5 and retreat to the shower with this incredible scrub. With a mood-lifting and calming mandarin and grapefruit blend, this shower scrub will not only leaving you feeling like a zen goddess, but will also leave your skin feeling soft and oh-so-clean thanks to the exfoliating Bamboo particles and Ginseng to slough away dead dead cells.I love a good shower scrub and this one is definitely worth the splurge for you or a lucky friend!

Find it at selected Woolworths stores and online via the Beautiful Age website at R300.

3. Cowshed ‘Horny Cow’ Seductive Room Diffuser


I’ve never been a big fan of diffusers, but after trying this divine diffuser from Cowshed, I am hooked with a capital H. I’ve been using this diffuser in our bedroom and it’s really helped to create an enticing ambience in there. Featuring the signature Horny Cow blend of Rose Absolute, Patchouli and Cinnamon essential oils, plus organic botanicals to spice up the senses, this nifty little product is ideal for creating a sense of romance and seduction in any room of your home. And the best bit? It lasts ages and ages (I’m talking months!) so it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Find it at selected Woolworths stores and online via the Beautiful Age website at R795.

4. Cowshed ‘Horny Cow’ Seductive Bath & Shower Gel

If you really want to set the mood in the bedroom, soap up with this seductively scented shower gel before a romantic date and you’re sure to feel sexy and sassy all night long. Botanical extracts of Rose Absolute, Patchouli, Vanilla and Cinnamon combine for a warming, provocative blend to really put you in the mood. I’ve been using this shower gel before date night with my boyfriend and it’s a great way to get a little boost of confidence and a sense of romance before you hit the restaurant. After using both the ‘Horny Cow’ diffuser and body gel, I can confidently say that a ‘Horny Cow’ gift set would make for the best bridal shower gift ever for a good friend about to embark on her honeymoon.

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Find it at selected Woolworths stores and online via the Beautiful Age website at R395.

5. Cowshed ‘Cow Slip’ Soothing Hand Cream

Cowshed also has a hand care range, which includes the ‘Grubby Cow’ zesty hand wash (a real winner!) and the “Cow Slip’ moisturising hand cream (my absolute favourite). This divine hand cream comes in two sizes (a large 300ml and a handbag-friendly 50ml) and I’m lucky enough to have both. I’m beyond obsessed with hand cream and this one from Cowshed is hands down one of the best I’ve ever used. It’s a medium textured cream and soaks into the skin really quickly with long- lasting moisturising benefits. It also smells heavenly and is naturally scented by Sweet Orange and Peppermint Oil. It’s hydrating super powers come from the combination of Shea and Cocoa Butters which help to create a protective barrier for the delicate skin on the hands so they can withstand the rumble and tumble of everyday life.

Find it at selected Woolworths stores and online via the Beautiful Age website at R379 for the 300ml and R162 for the 50ml.

Now that you know a little about the products, you should also know that Cowshed’s range is developed with only the highest quality essential oils and the products are all free of petrochemiclas, sulphates, parabens, as well as artificial fragrances and colours. They also don’t test on animals, ever – which is a big win!

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