5 Reasons Every Avid Organiser Needs Their Own Label Printer [Review]

Epson Labelworks LW-400

An organised life is a happy, stress-free life. While on the surface organised people look like they’ve got it all figured out, the truth is if I didn’t organise almost everything in my life, I would probably lose my head. True story, most days I can only remember things long enough to write them down and if I don’t write it down immediately – poof, it’s gone! But it doesn’t stop there, I am also obsessed with everything having a place and being within reach whenever I need it. I’m that girl that colour codes her wardrobe and organises her makeup by not only type of product but colour as well. If like me, you’re obsessed with organising then there’s no doubt you HAVE to invest in your very own label printer. It’s true that my diary is my best friend, I’d be lost without it, but my new Epson LabelWorks LW-400 label maker is the love of my life!

If you’re an avid organiser but aren’t sold on getting a label maker then you should know that I wasn’t convinced either. It wasn’t until Epson sent me the LabelWorks LW-400 to try at home that I realised what I had been missing out on. Until I got this label maker my life was organised but I had to remember my system everytime I went to reach for something but now everything is labelled and I can find things at a glance. It’s heaven for OCD-type organisers who want to take their organising to the next level. Sadly I only had this beauty on loan for 2-weeks but I’m making plans to buy my own one as soon as payday rolls around.

Epson Labelworks LW-400

Sure, you could always make hand written labels on stickers but nothing will satisfy the organisation you crave quite like a label maker. There’s something oh-so-satisfying about printing out a perfect professional-looking label and sticking it on its assigned place. The LabelWorks LW-400 prints out beautifully printed labels in a variety of font sizes to make finding things as easy as pie. I love the look of these labels and the fact that you have so many printing options. Epson offers a wide range of printer tape cartridges for you to choose from including a clear tape (a must-have) and various coloured and patterned tapes to go along with your home decor and make organising a little more fun. There’s even a cloth clothing label tape that can be ironed onto your kid’s clothes to ensure they always find their way home.

This little wonder will also save you loads of time. Once again, making your own hand-written labels is a fun DIY project but it can take ages to make each label individually. With the Epson LabelWorks LW-400 you can get all your labels ready to go in minutes. Simply use the easy-to-use keyboard to type out the label you want to print, press the print button and a perfect label will pop out in seconds.  Plus, with a large on-board memory you can also use the machine to save those commonly used labels (up to 50!) so you don’t have keep typing them out each time. The machine also comes with an automatic label cutter so there’s no need to cut your labels by hand each time.

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Of course, the labelling options are also endless. From name tags and file folder labels to mason jars, gift boxes, and more, these easy print-and-stick labels are perfect for anything you want to label. So far I have used the machine to label my pantry shelves, linen cupboard, wardrobe shelves, and makeup organiser. It’s made my life so much easier using these labels and I love how professional they look.

The Epson LabelWorks LW-400 retails for a recommended price of R1 130.70 and is available online from Loot as well as major retailers.

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