5 Ways to Get Your Skin Looking Younger

5 ways to get your skin looking younger

Truth be told, there’s not much you can do about the natural skin ageing processes, ageing is a part of life. Factors like genetics and the environment affect your skin’s ageing processes, but there are ways to slow it down. By making small changes to your lifestyle habits, you can keep your skin looking and feeling youthful and healthy. Here’s how!

1. Protect your skin from the outdoors

The environment can be harsh on your skin and things like pollution and harsh UV rays can really take a toll on the skin, speeding up ageing and skin damage, explains Mirjana Brlečić, scientist and founder of all-natural skincare range, Nikel Cosmetics. Making sure your skin’s barrier is up to the challenge is crucial when protecting your skin from environmental stresses and when it comes to protecting skin from UV rays it’s always important to have a good natural sunscreen on hand too!

To help protect your skin from environmental factors, Brlečić suggests trying the Nikel Alpine Rose Stem Cell Tonic with helps maintain skin stem cells by protecting them against UV stress.

2. Go natural!

Using products made from completely natural plant ingredients will help balance your skin’s pH levels and alleviate things like redness, tenderness and pigmentation. It’s better for the environment too! A skin detox is a great way to transition from your usual skincare routine to a more natural approach. Get back to basics with a natural face wash, moisturiser, and mask so your skin isn’t overwhelmed by too many new products.

Try something like the Eco Diva Face Wash, Face Cream, and Hydrating Masque. Our Editor took the skin detox challenge and rescued her winter weary skin using these Eco Diva products, read her full review here.

Eco Diva

3. Cleanse and moisturise correctly

Your facial skin is delicate, so scrubbing too hard or applying harsh chemicals can damage its top layers and strip the natural oils. It’s important to use a gentle cleanser, such as a cleansing milk, to remove the day’s makeup and impurities while still nourishing your cells with plant extracts.

For an oh-so-gentle cleanser, try the Nikel Cleansing Milk. Made with plant extracts and essences and without mineral oils or alcohol, this milk leaves skin feeling velvety soft immediately after cleansing. It removes make-up and impurities, while nourishing your skin. What’s more, the no-rinse formula prevents skin irritation caused by hard water.

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4. Eat a healthy diet

Protect your epidermis (your skin’s top layer) by drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Cut out highly processed foods that contain refined sugars as these can cause a spike in insulin levels and thus, result in inflammation and loss of elasticity. Try to include foods rich in anti-oxidants like blueberries, strawberries, beans and green tea to protect your face from damage.

fruit picking

5. Get a good night’s sleep

A lack of sleep causes additional stress to the body which can negatively affect how your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself. Beauty sleep is a real thing ladies and using a great night cream can really help amplify sleep’s positive effects on the skin. Prep your face for effective regeneration while you sleep with a hydrating face cream to get the most out of your beauty sleep.

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