6 Creative Ways to Use Mayonnaise in the Kitchen

6 creative uses for mayo

Mayonnaise is pretty much a staple in every fridge but it shouldn’t be reserved for just toasted chicken mayo sarmies and potato salad, there are loads of non-traditional ways to enjoy the magical mayo condiment. Nola shares 6 creative ways you can use Mayonnaise in the kitchen. All hail the mighty mayonnaise!

1. Add some flair to your baking

6 creative uses for mayo

Mayo in cake? No, it’s not a mistake. You can use mayonnaise to add creaminess to your baking without overpowering the other ingredients. If you’re hoping to bake egg-free delights, you can use mayo as an egg replacement by substituting three tablespoons of mayo for each egg called for in a recipe. Mayo can also be used in icing drizzle or creamy icing for cakes. Just make sure the mayo you use is relatively neutral in flavour to avoid changing the taste of your dish.

2. Bring it to the braai

6 creative uses for mayo

Meat can sometimes get stuck to your braai grid if you’re not careful but by spreading an even layer of mayo around your protein of choice, you’re good to grill! Bonus tip: for a crispy crust on your toasted cheese sandwich, use mayo instead of butter while grilling.

3. Mayo makes a sample marinade

6 creative uses for mayo

The nifty condiment contains both fat and acidity, making it perfect to use in a marinade. Simply add your favourite herbs and spices, along with some garlic and leave your protein to marinate for a few minutes. The result is juicy and irresistibly succulent — try it yourself!

4. Make side dishes creamy and delicious

6 creative uses for mayo

Forget boring old side dishes that everyone knows all too well. Take classic dishes to the next level with mayo. For ultimate creaminess, add mayo to your mash potatoes or creamy spinach to keep ’em coming back for more!

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5. Ditch the butter

6 creative uses for mayo

Looking for a delicious alternative to butter on your bread? Instead of spreading butter or margarine on your sandwiches, add an extra layer of creaminess and flavour with your favourite mayo. Trust us, your sarmies have never tasted so delicious.

6. A base for dips with your chips

6 creative uses for mayo

Pimp your chips and use mayonnaise as a simple dip to serve with chips or crudités. Just add your favourite herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of the dip without being overpowering.

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