6 Easy Ways to Speed Up your Android Smartphone

six tips to speed up your android

We all know that feeling when you’ve had your smartphone for a while and it’s just not as fast as it used to be when it was fresh out the box. We’ve got you covered! Here are six simple tips and tricks that’ll help speed up your Android smartphone.

Even if you’re not a tech-buff, these tweaks are easy enough for anyone to attempt. There’s bound to be a solution to one of your Android issues by cleaning up your device and its unwanted apps and data. Here’s how to do it:

1. Switch it off and on again

Not just a tagline from the IT Crowd, this age-old trick actually does work a lot of the time! Don’t knock it ’til you try it – this is always the first step you should take to improving your device’s functionality.

2. Delete unwanted apps and data

six tips to speed up your android

Performance problems in older smartphones can be caused by the fact that you’ve simply used up most of its storage space. Easily solve this by removing the apps you haven’t used in a while and information you no longer need – sorted!

Not sure what to delete? Go to Settings, look for the app manager and uninstall unwanted apps. You can also sort through your photo and music galleries in search of any stuff you’re happy to delete, or perhaps try backing up your files to the cloud or a PC so you can remove them from your phone. Lastly, check out the sneaky downloads folder which can store tons of unnecessary files, wasting precious space.

3. Switch off widgets and animations

Although they might look awesome, widgets and animations can slow down older smartphones. Disable the ones you aren’t using by navigating to the widget and holding it down, drag to remove. To turn of animations tap on settings, about phone and click on build number several times to enable developer mode then navigate back to settings, developer options and window animation scale. Finally, tap on animation options to turn them off.

4. Clear your cache

After a while, your phone can become jam-packed with data and files that do nothing but drag down your Android’s performance. Go to settings, storage, cached data and then clear the cache.

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5. Close your apps!

Running several apps in the background can slow down your performance and consume memory without you realising. If you’re someone who doesn’t close any of their apps but complains about their phone slowing down, try this now!

6. Keep your software updated

Stop ignoring that little software update notification that keeps popping up on your screen. Updating your software will enhance your Android’s functionality and security, and make your whole life easier!

These Android smartphone tweaks are tried, tested and work effectively a lot of the time – if they don’t, it’s time to take your device in to the pros!

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