6 Healthy Food Hacks You Need to Try!

healthy food

The BBC is known around the world for its TV shows, but did you know they have live exhibition show too? That’s right, the BBC Good Food Summer Show hosts top chefs, exhibition stalls and great food tastings where foodies can learn the tricks of the trade. So, the WomenStuff team turned to the experts to ask them about some fabulously healthy food tricks that will not only help us eat healthily with more flavour but that will also make our lives in the kitchen more manageable. Here are their 6 healthy food hacks you need to try!

1. To make your bananas last a little bit longer wrap the stems in plastic wrap!

Banana Hack

2. Peel potatoes the easy way this super easy hack. All you need is boiling water and a little know-how.

peel potatoes easily

3. For a healthy breakfast on the go try making oats in a jar the night before. This is an easy way to make sure you get a wholesome breakfast every morning.

oats in a jar

4. Think you know how to peel an avo? Think again, you haven’t done it right until you’ve peeled an avo this way!

peel an avocado pear

5. Peeling garlic can be a bit of a nightmare! Luckily all that is behind you now that you know this nifty little trick!

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peel garlic

6. Want perfect eggs every time? Try making your eggs in a muffin tray!

eggs in a muffin tray



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