7 Best Features of a Xiaomi Phone – Reasons Why You Should Get One!

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In a market saturated with smartphone options, choosing which one to buy is not as straightforward as it used to be. There are many giant names in the market such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. These smartphone manufacturers are on the top of the list for those who are considering getting a new device.

To add to their number, Xiaomi phones are emerging as some of the best options around. Take a look at the top seven features you will find in a Xiaomi smartphone that makes it a worthwhile investment.

  1. Excellent Camera

The smartphone market has transformed into a battle of the cameras. Apple’s iPhone paved the way by introducing some of the best quality cameras you can find in smartphones. Other manufacturers had to step up their game by producing great quality cameras, too. Xiaomi is one of them. If a great camera is one of the essential requirements for buying a new smartphone, then you won’t be disappointed with this choice.

In particular, the Redmi 2 is one of the best smartphones in terms of camera quality for its price range ($100). It has the capacity to record videos and take photos at 1080p resolution. Some of the newer phones in the range also boast of high-quality cameras that can compete with higher-end smartphones minus the price tag.

Imagine this for a moment. If you are shopping around for luxury condos in Toronto or anywhere you like to move to, you would probably want to take pictures of the places you’re considering to help you decide which one to get. In that case, you won’t be disappointed with this camera. You can capture high-quality images that you can refer to later when you want to compare your options. You can easily take detail-rich and wide pictures of bedrooms and kitchens or snap photos of nooks and closets up close. Easy!

  1. Low Price

If you have a limited budget, then you will be pleased to know that Xiaomi phones give you excellent value for your money. For a relatively low price, you can get a smartphone that is packed with advanced features! Some of its flagship models cost only a fraction of iPhones, but they are quite comparable feature-wise.

If you are curious about why Xiaomi phones are cheap, it is because the manufacturers sell their smartphones directly to consumers. They have no distributors. It helps to cut the cost so you can get your phones at cheaper prices. In addition, they do not spend a lot on advertising.

  1. Quality Build and Hardware

One of the greatest misconceptions in the market is that lower-priced smartphones are also lower in quality. However, Xiaomi phones have proven that is not true at all. Even when it is priced lower than other smartphone brands, it has an impressive build quality. You won’t have to worry about it breaking when you accidentally drop it. It is far more resilient than many of the newer models of iPhone.

In addition, the hardware quality is equally impressive. All Xiaomi smartphones run using the Snapdragon processor. The hardware is built with premium quality. Plus, they look more expensive than they are actually sold for.

  1. Customizable OS

Another slick feature that Xiaomi phones boast of is their customizable operating system. This brand was founded by the ex-CEO of Kingsoft, Lei Jun, in 2010. Before it started manufacturing smartphones, it started out as a software company. Therefore, this smartphone is unique because it offers the most extensive operating system among other smartphones in the market as it is highly customizable. This comes in the Android version of MIUI. This operating system is one of the strengths that Xiaomi has over its competitors.

  1. Security

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Security is another important feature that you need to look for when investing in a new smartphone. This is another area where Xiaomi phones shine because their default security app is one of the best in the market.

This app is extremely powerful as you can configure it to have various permission settings according to the individual apps you use. Whereas all other smartphones offer security for the entire smartphone system, this one gives you more control over every app you have installed.

  1. Speedy Performance

In this digital age, speed matters. Thankfully, Xiaomi won’t disappoint as this is another area of strength for this smartphone brand. Aside from having a customizable operating system, Xiaomi phones are also fast! Even though it is rich in features, it allows you to navigate between apps with tremendous ease. It never lags and it is very reliable no matter what type of app you use or run.

  1. Excellent Support

Finally, Xiaomi offers great support for its users that you won’t have to worry about after-sales issues. You can find plenty of MIUI forums online that have developers and MIUI fans or users as members. In the event that you encounter any issues or have questions, you can easily find the help and answers you need. If you need troubleshooting help, you can get other Xiaomi users to come to your aid.

There is a wide array of smartphones in the market and they seem to offer the same range of features. Xiaomi positions itself as one of the frontrunners by offering advanced features without the hefty price tag.

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