Attention 90s kids! Your favourite virtual reality pet, the original Tamagotchi, is back and taking over the toy market! There’s no doubt that this new rendition of the old favourite is going to be the must-have gadget for both kids and adults alike this holiday season!

Yes indeed, it’s time to relive your childhood as the nostalgic three-buttoned device has been resurrected in a modern way, while still staying true to the original model. The new Tamagotchi is smaller in size but still has a monochromatic display screen with six characters available to choose from. Pick a colour and attach it to your keyring for hours of fun on the go.


For those unfamiliar with Tamagotchi, it’s a nifty little gadget that allows users to take care of a virtual pet character after it hatches from an egg. You’ll have to look after it so that your animal doesn’t die: feed it and play with it amongst other responsibilities to ensure a longer lifespan. Tamagotchis are great for helping kids understand what it’s like to have a real pet and they’re perfect to alleviate boredom while waiting in long lines!

Shop for a Tamagotchi online via starting from around R480 each.

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