A Tickle Spa Has Opened in Johannesburg!

Tickle Spa

In Sandton, Johannesburg, a trendy urban spa is tickling the fancy of local, misunderstood tickle fiends. We’re not talking about the wriggle-until-you-wee-yourself type of tickling but rather the gentle flutter of the fingertips variety. At a tickle spa, tickling is done with the fingertips drawn along the body as the tension is drawn out of you. Tickle Spot, South Africa’s first and only tickle spa, offers an assortment of tickling-only treatments to help destress clients with the art of touch therapy.

Located in Parkmore, Sandton, this unique spa recently opened its doors to cater for everyone from children (who will benefit from touch therapy) to stressed adults in dire need of relaxation and the elderly who will benefit from the healing hands of the trained therapists. Over and above the wonderful therapeutic benefits, this is a completely new and extraordinary experience, with goosebumps guaranteed!

The Tickle Spot is not only a very special and relaxing way to enjoy a spa-type experience but it is also based on sound scientific research that indicates that physical touch is key in promoting a sense of well-being, in decreasing violence, building a stronger immune system and assisting in cognitive and social development.

As strange as the idea may sound to some, there is a similar concept in Spain which is hugely popular. “South Africa is now only one of two countries in the world where this treatment is available,” says owner Elaine Ollewagen. “We are serious about the business of delivering a goosebump-inducing experience locally and are considering having our treatment accredited by the SAAHSP (South African Association Of Health & Skincare Professionals).”

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If the thought of being soothed and de-stressed through therapeutic touch appeals to you, or if you’d just like to try something a little different from the run of the mill massage, then Tickle Spot is a must visit! Treatments at the spa include a 30 or 60-minute Back Tickle, a Body Brush (to increase vascular circulation, lymphatic drainage and stimulate nerve endings in the skin), and a Foot Tickle and Rub (to soothe tired or over-worked feet).

For more information or to book your treatment visit The Tickle Spot website or say Hi to The Tickle Spot on Facebook.

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