Adidas Releases Limited-Edition Statement Collection Inspired by Stella McCartney

Adidas Statement Collection

Great news for Adidas fans, the fitness brand has just launched a limited edition collection inspired by Stella McCartney and well known female athletes! Offering a selection of statement pieces for the gym, yoga studio, or the morning school run, the Adidas Statement Collection is a must-have for those who always love to look good, even when they’re breaking a sweat.

The Statement Collection offers a diverse range of items created to support women in whatever activity they choose. Inspired by the Adidas global network of female athletes like Dua Lipa, Karlie Kloss, and Shay Mitchell, this collection boasts a number of bold, but practical, looks perfect for the everyday woman.

Adidas Statement Collection

Featuring over 15 items including bras, tights, jackets, footwear and accessories, the collection boasts unique floral camouflage and geometric prints inspired by designer Stella McCartney. Designed in cooling fabrics for maximum performance and style, each item is both stylish and practical.

The collection is centred by three sports bras, each designed to support a range of different body types and activities from low to high intensity: The “All Me” bra was created with smaller cup sizes in mind and provides both comfort and freedom of movement. The bra is ideal for low-intensity exercise and ladies can even remove the padding or change up the strap style for a customised fit. The “Don’t Rest” bra offers mid-level compression for sizes up to a C-cup and delivers secure, anti-bounce support for those days when you’re kicking your exercise up a notch. Lastly, the “Stronger for It” bra provides high-level support for larger cup sizes and limits bounce motion during intense workouts. It also has adjustable, convertible straps.

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This collection is designed to inspire different ways to work up a sweat and unleash creativity!

To shop the Statement Collection visit Adidas stores nationwide or shop online via the Adidas website

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