This Chalk Paint Easily Allows You to Transform Anything in Your Home! [Review]

Annie Sloan South Africa

I must confess, I am obsessed with furniture makeovers. Take a glance at my Pinterest and you’ll mostly see before and after photos of incredible furniture makeovers. I pin these things in the hopes that one day I will wake up a DIY queen and paint all the things but alas, up until now I’ve done zero DIY projects and zero furniture makeovers. And, it’s not like I don’t have anything to transform, my flat is chockful of things that need a modern makeover. So why the delay? The truth is I’ve been afraid to pick up that paint brush, mostly because it seemed like there was so much room for error. But then I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and my whole world changed – this chalk paint is SO easy to use and is pretty much a DIY dummy’s dream come true. Besides being able to adhere to almost any surface, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint also allows you to get straight to the fun part of any DIY project …the painting!

For someone who is completely useless at DIY projects I sure do love them. I find creating things with my hands so therapeutic and there’s something special about being able to marvel at your own handy work once you’re done. Of course, DIY projects, especially when they involve painting, can take ages and I find that I tend to lose enthusiasm as time goes on. Which is why I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, even a DIY dummy like me can use it and it offers a super quick payoff. Perhaps the best thing about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that there’s no sanding or priming in the DIY process. True story, this paint will adhere to almost any surface with no sanding and priming! To get started with your DIY project you simply pick a colour, grab a paint brush, and paint. Basically, the only hard graft you have to do before the painting starts is ensuring you have a clean surface to paint on (you can do this with warm soapy water).

Annie Sloan South Africa

While the product was developed by Annie Sloan specifically for furniture, it can be applied to most surfaces including walls, floors, wood, concrete, metal, matt plastic, earthenware, brick, stone and more – inside or outside. You can even use it to paint upholstery and dye fabric. But the perks don’t stop there, not only is it easy to get going, it’s also super easy to clean up. If you do happen to spill any paint on your clothes or a surface then the great news is, it will wash right out with soap and water. Paint brushes are also a breeze to clean and there’s no stressing about making a mess. Plus, the unique water-based decorative paint is non-toxic, lead-free, odour-free and very low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – which means you can enjoy the process that much more knowing you are not breathing in harmful fumes.

The Annie Sloan range offers a wide range of Chalk Paint colours that will allow you transform even the most boring piece of furniture or accessory into a modern wonder. The colour palette is based on 18th century decorative and historic colours and the options available are bright and rich, and unlike any shades you will find with traditional paint. There are currently 32 colours in the Annie Sloan paint range and you can make even more colours by mixing paints together or adding white.

Annie Sloan South Africa
The Annie Sloan range offers a range of different white paint options which also allow you create different looks and unique paint colours – for example, if you want to create a vintage look you can add Old White whereas Pure White will allow you make the colour more modern. And, that’s the great thing about Chalk Paint, the options are endless! The paint is highly pigmented and is made with little or no black (except for Graphite) which allows you to easily combine colours, mix, and layer without the colours dulling. The colours can even be thinned with water and used as a wash – there really is no limit to how creative you can get.

And, once you’re done with your project you can seal in your handy work by using one of the many Annie Sloan Soft Waxes. These waxes come in a range of finishes and allow you to add a subtle sheen or matt look while also providing protection and durability. The Annie Sloan wax range offers four options including Dark (Rustic Brown), Black, White, and Clear and each wax allows you to create a unique look. For an aged look, add Dark Wax or for a soft look add White Wax. You can also use the waxes to create different finishes. If you want to create a distressed finish you can rub the surface gently with fine sandpaper (either before or after applying the Clear Wax and while the wax is still wet), then wax again, and voila!

Annie Sloan South Africa

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I also love that with Annie Sloan, a little paint goes a long way. Chalk paint covers surfaces really well and just a little bit of paint can cover a large surface. It also gives you a good bit of time to work with it before it dries, so there’s lots of room for mistakes and changing your mind. A regular tin of Chalk Paint covers approximately 13.9 sq metres per litre (equivalent to a small dresser) and one coat is usually enough.

The Annie Sloan range is available at selected stockists nationwide (click here to find your nearest stockist) at a recommended retail price of  R250 for a 1 Litre Chalk Paint tin, R55 for a 100ml Chalk Paint tester, R90 for a 120ml Soft Wax tin, and R150 for a 500ml Soft Wax tin. For more information visit the Annie Sloan South Africa website or say Hi to Annie Sloan South Africa on Facebook.

Want to know more? Find out more about Annie Sloan and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in this must-watch video:

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