Apple Set to Bring 3 New iPhones to Market in 2018!

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While everyone is still ogling over the iPhone 8 and iPhone X since launching late last year, the rumour-mill is already firing up with regards to what’s to come from the tech company, and more specifically, from a smartphone perspective.

According to reports, Apple will have 3 phones arriving in 2018: one bigger, one cheaper, and a top-end device to be a successor to the iPhone X.

The rumours suggest that the larger phone will be about the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, but with an extra inch of display thanks to the edge-to-edge design. Regarding the iPhone X, it’s said that Apple is planning to use next-generation A12 processors and will continue to include stainless steel edges, and will further stick with the glass back which has found itself on all upcoming flagship devices. Yup, glass is so hot right now.

What remains unclear is what exactly the “cheaper” model will be: a progression of the iPhone SE or something more along the lines of Apple’s iPhone C range? Another option is that a low-end version of the iPhone X will be available, cutting some of the top-tier features to reduce the cost, aligning it more with the iPhone 8, albeit at an even lower price-point.

Apple is expected to release the next iPhone iterations in late 2018.


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