Ease Aching Legs During Pregnancy With This Coffee and Mint Wrap!


The list of ‘don’ts’ during pregnancy and after childbirth is huge! So, instead of giving you more tips on what not to do while you have a bun in the oven, we thought we would offer up some easy-to-follow advice on how you can relax a little more during this special, yet stressful time. If you’re feeling like you just need a little ‘me’ time then you might want to consider aromatherapy. When used carefully, this natural therapy is great to use during pregnancy, throughout labour and also in the months following the birth. If you’re suffering from swollen, sore legs during pregnancy then an invigorating coffee and mint scrub might be just the thing you need to safely and effectively treat aching legs and feet during your pregnancy. 

Since aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-based essential oils it is completely safe to use during pregnancy but, even so it is also important to make sure that you investigate the safety information of a particular oil before using it. For example: fennel, hyssop and sage oils should be avoided during pregnancy and essential oils should be used in half the usual recommended amount. Of course, the most popular way to apply these oils is through massage but essential oils can also be used in a number of other ways and still produce great benefits, such as in the bath or in a vapouriser.

For an at-home solution, try treating yourself to this DIY coffee and mint wrap (you might need hubby’s help though!). When applied to the skin, coffee can help invigorate the skin by acting as an antioxidant, diuretic (to help ease water retention). And, because absorption through the skin is much slower than through the digestive system, it is completely safe to use coffee on your skin during your pregnancy – in fact. you would need to apply almost 50 times the amount of coffee to your skin to get the same effects from consuming coffee.

Of course, if an at-home treatment won’t do the trick then the Coffee and Mint Wrap treatment (R780 – 60 minutes) from Africology is a safe and super relaxing way to treat your tired feet and legs during your pregnancy. The coffee and mint concoction is vital in safely triggering cellular activity in order to ease water retention and assist with swollen legs and ankles, while boosting a generally sluggish system.

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