This ‘Plus-Sized’ Model’s TED Talk Will Inspire You To Love Your Body! [Watch]

TED Talk

Ladies, this is one TED talk you need to watch! Feeling a little down about your body today? Stressing about losing weight? Well, then you need to hear what so-called plus-sized or curvy model, Ashley Graham has to say about beauty and the way we feel about our bodies.

Ashley was scouted as a ‘plus-sized’ model at a young age and tells us what it was like growing up as an outsider in the fashion industry – as being “pretty for a big girl”. Today, you might recognise her as the first curvy model in Sport’s Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, from her many fashion magazine covers or as the woman who is making waves in the modelling industry and spearheading the movement to give a voice to young women who don’t quite meet stringent beauty ideals.

Watch her TED talk here:

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