5 Products To Help Tame Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair

Let’s face it; dealing with frizzy hair is the absolute worst! If you’ve tried everything to tame your tresses then keep reading, because we’ve got some fabulous frizz-busting products lined up just for you! There’s one to suit every budget and every level of frizz. Here are 5 products to help you fight frizzy hair.

1. Redken Frizz Dismiss

This unique range of products from Redken introduces the very first Frizz Protection Factory (FPF) for all hair types! With 4 levels of smoothing and humidity protection that address all frizzy hair types — from fine to coarse and unruly — you can’t go wrong with this fabulous new range of products. Choose from the FPF10 FLY-AWAY FIX finishing sheets, FPF 20 SMOOTH FORCE lightweight smoothing lotion spray, FPF 30 INSTANT DEFLATE leave-in smoothing oil serum , and the FPF 40 REBEL TAME leave-in smoothing control cream and find the product that suits your hair!

Redken Frizz Dismiss

Our Editor, Crystal, got the chance to try the entire range including the Frizz Dismiss shampoo (R250), Frizz Dismiss conditioner (R288), Frizz Dismiss FPF20  Smooth Force (R429) lotion spray and Frizz Dismiss Mask (R429). She gave it her stamp of approval and found that the products helped to decrease styling time when blow-drying and flat ironing. The range also left her hair silky smooth and frizz-free. “I love that I don’t have to use any additional smoothing serums or oils when I wash my hair with the Frizz Dismiss range! It makes flat-ironing a breeze and even tames my naturally curly hair,” said Crystal.

Priced from R250. Shop the entire Redken Frizz Dismiss range at Everythinghair.co.za.

2. ghd Style Smooth and Finish Serum

If you’re in the market for a smoothing serum to apply to dry hair that has already been styled then ghd’s Style Smooth and Finish Serum is a great choice. The lightweight serum allows you to eliminate frizz and smooth styled hair, leaving it shiny and fabulous.

ghd Style Smooth and Finish Serum 30ml

This product has been tried and tested by our Editor, Crystal, who loved how the product made her hair feel. “This is my go-to product when I’m flat-ironing my hair. It gets rid of flyaways and leaves my hair feeling soft and silk-like,” said Crystal. “It’s also great for fighting the effects of humidity!”

Priced at R180. Shop this product at Everythinghair.co.za

3. TRESemmé Oil Elixir

If you often balk at the price of salon-quality products then you will love this new Oil Elixir from TRESemmé. It’s priced at just R120 and is great for adding the life back into colour-treated hair. The oil absorbs into the hair quite rapidly and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth.

TRESemme Oil Elixir

We got the chance to review this product first hand and felt it was a fantastic budget-friendly option for ladies who don’t want to break the R150 price point. “You can always trust TRESemmé to produce salon-quality products at super competitive price points,” said Crystal. “I loved this product because it was lightweight and incredibly nourishing for my curly locks. It also smells like a dream!”

Available from selected retailers nationwide at R119.99 for 100ml.

4. Dove Pure Dry Oil

Dove isn’t just in the soap game, they’re also playing in the haircare arena! The new Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Restorative Treatment with Anatolian Pomegranate Seed Oil is a great lightweight, non-greasy oil for ladies who want hair that shines all day long. It also helps to protect your hair from the damaging stress caused by blow-drying and styling! The oil can be used on clean, damp hair or dry tresses that need a bit of a pick-me-up.

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Dove Dry Oil

Crystal loved trying this product and found that it was best when using it mostly on the ends of her hair. “Dove’s new dry oil is great for treating split ends when your hair is wet as well as for beating frizz, static and flyaways post-blowout!” said Crystal. “Just make sure you only use about half a drop when applying to dry hair or it can make your hair look a little greasy!”

Available from selected retailers nationwide at R180. 

5. Kerastase Touche Finale

Kérastase Touche Finale is a high-shine polishing serum that perfects the hair with touchable softness and luminosity. This clever little serum illuminates lengths  and has a fabulous anti-frizz action. Apply the serum to blow-dried hair, strand by strand or on lengths for shiny, show-stopping hair!

Kerastase Touche Finale

This tiny little bombshell takes pride of place on Crystal’s dressing table! “This is another one of my favourite post-blowout serums,” says Crystal. It works like a bomb and leaves my hair super soft and shiny. I love to carry this in my handbag to treat windswept hair (especially in Cape Town!)”

Available from Retailbox.co.za at R295.

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