Beat The Price Helps You Get the New Car You Want at The Price You Want!


It’s only been around for five months and already Beat the Price is set to be a game changer in the way we buy and sell new cars. Instead of customers being at the mercy of dealership prices, or phoning around for better deals, Beat the Price has made it incredibly simple to find the car you want at the best possible price. By collecting requests from buyers for new cars and sending them through to dealerships nationwide, Beat the Price allows them to bid on a deal and ensure the customer gets the best price. This streamlines the entire negotiation process between the buyer and seller, saving time and money.

The process is kept confidential to ensure that buyers aren’t bothered by multiple dealers phoning them directly and is perfectly suited to first-time buyers who aren’t sure about how to negotiate. Few buyers would have the confidence to negotiate multiple times on a single vehicle, so this platform allows the negotiating to happen for you. Once the bidding process concludes, only then is the winning dealer put in touch with the buyer to sign contracts as per any other sale. It’s a very personal process and meets the individual buyer’s exact needs without compromising on affordability.

It’s a win-win situation for dealers too since they’re made aware of more buyers and are able to sell more vehicles. This means they can lower their holding stock costs and increase their profits. With new dealers and buyers countrywide signing up daily, Beat the Price aims to change the landscape of new care sales in SA and it looks like they’re doing just that!

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For more information visit the Beat The Price website.

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