Black Friday & Cyber Monday: How to Get Exclusive US & UK Deals to Your Door in SA


South Africa has truly embraced the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale craze in recent years, with some local retailers offering some pretty spicy deals during this period. However, admittedly, some of the best and craziest discounts take place beyond our borders, with the US and UK particularly being the biggest advocates of the shopping and sale bonanza; but there’s always that one caveat: shipping.

Most international retailers don’t ship to South Africa, or even if they do, can be outrageously expensive, which then can leave you longingly staring at that 80%-off deal on a PS5 or TV, rather than actually making the purchase.

Thankfully, local company Postbox Courier is here to save the day, opening up the likes of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Asos, or any other big-name international retailer to South Africans.

Postbox Courier

Postbox Courier serves as something of an intermediary between customers doing online shopping and the retailer that is selling the products. If a retailer doesn’t ship to South Africa, you can use Postbox Courier’s service to get the items to you in any case by using one of their variety of North American, European, or Asian shipping addresses when you place your order. And signing-up is FREE!

You’ll get dedicated addresses in all the major shipping cities in the US, UK, and Hong Kong, allowing you to use that address to get your order to Postbox Courier’s depot, then they’ll ensure it gets to your door!

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So, if whether you’re scoping out some deals in the States, something from a London fashion retailer, or a gadget store in Hong Kong, remember that Postbox Courier can open up the option to get your Black Friday shopping items directly to your door!

Postbox Courier

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