Blackberry Motion Arrives in SA, Price Revealed


Blackberry was once the king of the cellphone market, and they’ve got a new smartphone releasing here that will probably win them back some ground against the established brands. The Blackberry Motion is the latest flagship, which aims to deliver a comprehensive Android device, while having the BlackBerry bells, whistles, and finish to appease long-time fans.

Key specs:

  • Android OS 7.1 Nougat
  • 5-inch Full HD LCD Display
  • 4000mah battery (32 hours mixed use lifespan)
  • Qualcomm 625 Snapdragon chipset
  • 32GB Storage, 4GB RAM
  • 12MP primary camera, 8MP Front-facing camera
  • IP67 Certified (Dust and water resistance)

Its stats are decent for a mid-tier smartphone, but Blackberry’s main draw won’t be just device specs as much as it will be what the company was originally known for: device security.

Blackberry’s devices have always been renowned for how dependable they are, and the Blackberry Motion is continuing that by guaranteeing its owners advanced security features. The most significant of which is Blackberry Limited’s proprietary technique for establishing hardware root of trust and the addition of security keys to its processor. A second security feature is the ‘Locker’ function, allowing the user to store files directly into a partition that requires a PIN to be unlocked, and its contents won’t be saved to a cloud service.

The increased security features make it an ideal device for professionals that deal with company information that has to be kept under lock and key, but conveniently accessible to the phone’s user.

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The BlackBerry Motion is available for R7,399 (RRP).

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