Brew the Best Cup of Coffee with Jacobs Barista Beans


When indulging in a Jacobs Barista Beans cup of coffee know that it has not only been made with the Jacobs passion but with experience as well. “Jacobs brings the Barista coffee shop experience right into your home, because we know that the perfect cup of coffee starts with the perfect bean,” comments Matthew Dees, senior brand manager for Jacobs coffee.

The Jacobs Barista Beans range is slow roasted at a lower temperature and for a longer time, which brings out the great coffee flavour. Available in two blends – Crema and Espresso – Jacobs Barista Beans offer high-quality products with the magical Jacobs aroma sealed in.

To ensure the highest quality as expected of the brand, the Jacobs roast master carefully selects the finest beans to create the Jacobs Barista Beans range. The Espresso whole bean has been expertly roasted to create an intense and spicy coffee, delivering a 5/5 intensity level, while the Crema whole bean is roasted to create a strong and characterful coffee, delivering a 3/5 intensity level.

Jacobs Barista Beans

“The beans are the beginning of the coffee journey and using coffee beans when brewing your coffee at home, means that you are in control of the flavour you get out of your cup. Having the perfect brewing technique comes from trial and error, and a whole lot of coffee tasting fun,” explains Dees.

How to use beans for the best cup of coffee

Whether you are using an electric coffee grinder, or grinding manually, there are techniques that need to be kept in mind to ensure that you brew a good cup of coffee:

1. Great beans equal great coffee. The quality and flavour of your coffee does not only depend on your brewing process, but also on the type of beans you use. Jacobs Barista Beans are 100% Arabica, for smoother taste.

Jacobs Barista Beans

2. Always grind your beans just before you brew to get the most freshness out of your beans. The size of the grind is also important to the taste – bitter coffee could mean that the bean has been ground too fine, and flat coffee could be a result of a coarse grind. With an electric grinder grind your coffee in short bursts, shaking the container after each burst to ensure that all the beans are ground equally.

3. Since coffee is made with water, ensuring that the coffee tastes good, means that the water also needs to be “perfect”. If using tap water, let it run for a few seconds before filling your coffee pot.

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4. The amount of time that water is in contact with the coffee grounds is important. In a drip system, the contact should be around five minutes, while when using a French Press the contact time should be around two to four minutes. Espresso only needs a short brewing time. If you are making a cold brew, then the beans should be steeped overnight.

Once you have tried the different methods to make coffee from your beans, the best part is then experimenting and finding that perfect taste in the end. “There are many factors that you can change and alter to get your perfect taste, but it all starts with the best beans. Jacobs Barista Beans offer exquisite taste and provide you with the trusted Jacobs flavour that you have come to know and love,” provides Dees.

Jacobs Barista Beans are available at all major retailers and online at Takealot at a RRSP of R249.99 per 1kg pack.

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