Bring the Cocktail Bar to You with this Easy Recipe for Ginger Whipped Whisky Cocktails

GINGER WHIP cocktail

The number of female whisky drinkers is on the rise, and we’re quite sure it’s thanks to the spirit’s undeniable versatility. It’s a drink that can be enjoyed no matter the season, time of day, or company… and it makes cocktails sing! Forget drinking it neat, on the rocks, extend the enjoyment of your favourite whisky by pairing it with an exciting mixer. This recipe for a delicious Ginger Whipped Whisky Cocktail from Three Ships Whisky offers a whole new way to enjoy whisky on a hot summer’s day.

For this cocktail Three Ships recommends using the Three Ships Whisky 5-Year-Old Premium Select. Inspired by the iconic Islay malts, this smoky, yet fruity whisky is a brilliant base for making easy, uncomplicated yet delicious cocktails. This whisky’s lovely fruitiness with spice compliments a variety of soft drinks but the perfect match is ginger beer. The slight sweetness of the mixer mellows the peaty-character of the whisky, delivering a beautiful combination of sweet, spice and smoke!.

Here’s how to make it in a few simple, quick and easy steps:

Ginger Whipped Whisky Cocktail


25ml Three Ships Whisky 5-Year-Old Premium Select
200ml Ginger Beer
3 drops of Bitters

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Grab a tall glass or tumbler and fill with large blocks of ice.
Mix the whisky, ginger beer, and bitters together in the glass.
Add a sprig of mint and enjoy!

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