Bryan Habana Chats Sports Recovery & His New Investor Role with Fourfive CBD

Bryan Habana Fourfive CBD

Bryan Habana, is a name well-known within the sporting industry for more than just his on-field talents. Now, this entrepreneurial magnet has added yet another business venture to his portfolio with wellness company, Fourfive CBD.

The new venture is the fruit of years of labour inspired by the long rugby careers of two professional rugby players and draws from their experience as professional athletes. Together, they experienced the ups and downs of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and Fourfive is a way for them to share what they learnt about the world of professional sport — and to change it for the better.

Their rugby careers brought forth a need for a product to help professional athletes and active people during recovery with a natural alternative, using CBD, and so the brand fourfive CBD was formulated. A brand of which Habana now eagerly aligns himself with as an ambassador and investor.

Bryan Habana Fourfive CBD

“I would like to show all those who are looking to use CBD products as an alternative, that in my experience with the brand, it has made a significant difference,” says Bryan Habana.

The CBD range, which consists of oils, muscle rubs, and capsules, is specifically designed with active people in mind, not just sportsmen; and is sure to be a helpful recovery tool for weary muscles.

“The cannabis industry is an emerging and dynamic space globally, and the amount of new research and testimonials emerging shows how it has positively affected so many people – this makes me glad to be a part of it,” explains Habana. “This, along with the movement to keep people active and look after themselves to perform to the best of their abilities in whatever field they are in, is very important in the world we live in today.”

Bryan Habana Fourfive CBD

Since 2018, Fourfive has worked closely with the finest CBD suppliers, and has designed CBD for sport products made specially to support active people seeking what we once sought — a natural alternative. But it doesn’t stop there. From the very beginning, they knew that they wanted to create products for people like themselves, who love the active lifestyle they lead, and don’t want to sit on the sidelines waiting for life to come to them.

Habana On Joining Fourfive CBD

We caught up with Bryan, in an exclusive one-on-one interview, chatting all things business, professional career moves and life in the corporate spotlight.

What thought process goes into deciding which brand opportunities and business ventures you align yourself with – like this one?

BH: Firstly, aligning with brands and opportunities that I feel strongly align with my own values is extremely important. Associating with brands that have a global presence resonates with me too, as I have been very fortunate to have continued travelling globally since retiring. 

Bryan Habana Fourfive CBD

As a well-known figure locally and internationally, why is it important to you to use your voice and platform when promoting something you believe in?

BH: For me, this is about my lived experience. I would not want to attach my name to a brand that I do not believe in, and in this case, it is having trialled the range and noticed tangible differences.

With more professional sportsmen starting their own businesses and becoming entrepreneurs in our country, what advice would you give them when facing hardships and challenges?

BH: Firstly, surrounding yourself with a great team is key. Not only in business, but in your personal life as well. Having people around you who can keep you accountable and motivated, but also support you, definitely helps. Just being a professional athlete doesn’t necessarily mean that things are just going to fall into your lap and the same effort that you went through to reach the pinnacle of your career needs to be replicated. Starting your own business is sometimes a very lonely space, but similarly, achieving success in starting your own business and making it successful is just as rewarding.

Bryan Habana Fourfive CBD

Having dipped your toes in many business ventures, what makes “Fourfive Investor” the next best career move for you?

BH: There is huge potential and growth for the industry as a whole, this combined with my belief in the brand and the team made it an easy choice.

What’s the best piece of ‘business’ advice you have ever received?

“Take action”. Nothing in life will come easy. Prioritise, organise, plan and then execute the plan.

Bryan Habana Fourfive CBD

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“If CBD is something you are interested in trying or currently use. I can vouch for the quality of the product through my own experience. It is sometimes hard to choose a product when there is so much information out there, and you feel stuck. The team are great and willing to answer any questions you may have, so get in touch with them, and they will get back to you with all the relevant information you may need.” – Bryan Habana.

The team at Fourfive, believe living one’s best life is a necessity, and they are always looking to better their brand, their products and the lives of those that are fortunate enough to get their hands on them.

Bryan Habana Fourfive CBD

With products such as the brand new 600mg CBD Rest Oil, 300mg CBD Oil and CBD Muscle Rub, Fourfive aims to cut through the noise, and speak openly and honestly about the medical benefits many CBD users are experiencing. And, with Bryan Habana at the forefront of their product growth and development, it’s just one more reason to love Fourfive CBD products!

Fourfive 600mg Rest CBD Oil

The team at Fourfive know the secret to a great recovery is quality sleep, which is why their new Rest Oil is a must-have for all wellness warriors. Gone are the days when you wake up to the sound of your alarm, feeling like your head has only just hit the pillow!

“If your main goal is sleep, then this is the product geared best to assist with quality rest,” says Investor and Ambassador, Bryan Habana.

Bryan Habana Fourfive CBD

But you might be wondering what terpenes are, or why they’ve picked Myrcene? These naturally occurring compounds are found in all sorts of plants, fruits and vegetables and have been linked to relaxation and sleep. Myrcene is found in high volumes in mango and is mostly responsible for the fruit’s delicious scent.

“Our new rest CBD oil was designed with the intention to have a calming effect, combined with the additional terpenes Linalool, Myrcene, and Longifolene assisting you with a restful deep sleep.”

By combining this with their high-quality, third-party tested CBD, this Rest CBD Oil will have you feeling refreshed from a full night’s sleep, in no time.

For more info, visit the Fourfive CBD website here.

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