CABBI, a New Way to E-Hail Your Taxi, is Coming to South Africa

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Tired of the existing taxi e-hailing apps? Not safe enough, affordable enough or reliable enough for you? The good news is, a new option is on the way! Locally made app, Cabbi will be launching in South Africa soon and we can’t wait for them to hit the ground road running. Made for South Africans by South Africans, the app is a safe, alternative transport solution.

So what makes it different? Cabbi has been developed to be a simple, affordable and reliable service with an emphasis on safety, both protecting the commuter and driver. It bridges the gap between the rider and their destination while providing the best experience for the rider and the most earning potential for the driver. For the rider, the Cabbi experience is dependable and convenient with a 24/7 e-hailing service providing luxury travel at affordable prices. For the driver, Cabbi offers a local transportation network that provides them with requests for new passengers and sees them taking home 90 percent of the earnings.

All it takes is three simple clicks: Request – tap to set your pickup location and time, Ride – a driver will pick you up in minutes and payment is via credit card (no tipping required), and Rate – tap to give your driver a star rating to help maintain a quality experience.

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Upon launch, the service will only available to Joburg commuters and but Cabbi has said it plans to branch out to the rest of Gauteng by December. The app will be available for download on Android and iOS soon. Keep a look out on their Facebook page for updates, deals and news. For more information visit their website here.

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