5 Little Luxuries To Make Camping So Much Easier!


Music lovers rejoice, it’s exactly one month until Rocking the Daisies 2015 (happy dance). If you’ve already got your tickets then you are no doubt already planning what you’re going to pack for the best weekend of your life with your closest friends. If you’ve never been before and have no idea what to pack then keep reading because I’ve prepared a handy-dandy list just for you. Of course, there are the essentials like food, your tent and drinking water but this list is chockful of must-have items that will make your life so much easier at Rocking the Daisies this year. Roughing it is fun but no one said you can’t have a few little luxuries – it is 2015 after all!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet then click here and buy yours now – trust me, it’s going to be a blast!

1. Energizer 5000mAh Power Pack

Energizer Power Pack

This little guy will be a life saver when it comes to charging your phone. If you’re thinking you won’t need a phone then just think how bummed you will be when your phone dies and you can’t snap any Instagram pics or how sad you will feel when you lose all your friends in the crowd and have to spend all day jamming on your own. Trust me, you want a phone charger on you. The Energizer 5000mAh power pack is an awesome choice for charging on the go as it gives you several charges for your phone and is super light and compact. It also offers multiple charging ports so you can be a hero and let your friends charge up along with you.

R589 from Cellularmall.co.za – click here to buy it now.

2. Eco Zoom Wood and Charcoal Burner

Eco Zoom Wood and Charcoal Burner

Cooking at Rocking the Daisies can be a chore of note but not if you have the EcoZoom wood and charcoal stove! This little gadget is super easy to use, environmentally friendly and safe! Using only 3 small pieces of wood, this stove will have a 1. 5kg pot of “pap” ready in less than 20 minutes while producing 70% less smoke and greenhouse gasses than open fires. You’re also not allowed open fires at Rocking the Daisies and this little guy will allow you to have the joys of having a fire and will save you having to drag a gas bottle with you. Of course, you could just buy food at Daisies but it’s so much cheaper to cook your own food with your mates. Pack a frying pan along with a few packets of sausage, a box of eggs and some bread rolls and you’ll have food for days! If you’re still not convinced then think about how good a freshly made breakfast roll will taste the morning after the night before.

Available at R506 from Sustainable.co.za – click here to buy it now.

3. Energizer 3 LED Headlamp

Energizer Headlamp

If you’re worried about being left in the dark at Rocking the Daisies then you will need a headlamp. Stumbling around in the dark while trying to find your tent isn’t fun for anyone. A headlamp will prove to be your best friend at night – whether you’re trying to find the bathroom, navigate your way back to your tent or looking for a friendly face in the dark. I love this Energizer 3 LED Headlamp – it’s affordable and fits snugly to your head, leaving your hands free to do other stuff like carry a roll of toilet paper or your drink. Of course, once you get home this nifty little gadget is also perfect for combatting load-shedding. Energizer has a wide range of battery-operated lights and other gadgets that will keep the power in your hands when Eskom can’t. Just don’t forget to invest in a few packs of Energizer batteries while you’re at it!

R160 from Outdoor Warehouse – click here to buy it now.


One lucky reader stands the chance to win an Energizer 3 LED headlamp this week! To enter simply email your name and contact details with the subject line; “Energizer Entry” to crystal@menstuff.co.za. Competition ends on Friday 11 September at 17:00.

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4. Mr. Price Sport, Sports Buff

Sports buff

No one looks good with unwashed, unkempt hair so keep yours in check with this versatile sports buff. I love it because it helps keep my hair out of my face when I need a headband, keeps my ears warm when I need a beanie and can cover my mouth in dusty mosh pits so I don’t inhale an entire sandpit. These sports buffs from Mr. Price Sport are super affordable and can be used for all sorts of sporting activities post Rocking the Daisies mayhem.

Available at Mr. Price Sport at R99.00 – click here to buy it now.

5. K-Way Microfibre Towel (XL)

Microfibre towel

If you’re the type of person who is willing to stand in the crazy long shower queues at Rocking the Daisies or want to take a dip in the dam during the day then you will want to invest in a microfibre towel. It’s six times lighter than an ordinary towel and dries four times faster than a normal towel. Plus, once you get home you can use it in your gym bag as an easy to carry gym towel.

Available at Cape Union Mart at R250 – click here to buy it now.

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