Candystick Makes Gifting Fun and Hassle Free!


The process of buying a gift for someone you love isn’t always the easiest and I’m sure most times you wish you could just let them choose what they wanted and why not? Gone are the days when gift vouchers were seen as impersonal, these days they are practical and a real treat because not only does it save you time but it also lets the person receiving the gift get exactly what they want instead of yet another bar of soap on a rope. Sites like Candystick are heading this new gifting revolution and making it easier than ever before to give your friend, colleague, or family member something they really want or need for their birthday, wedding, farewell, anniversary, hen night or any other occasion.

The new, local gifting platform gives you an easy and secure way to collect money for a group gift by taking over and managing the collection process for you. Gone are the days of passing around the envelope in the office or having to hassle people for money – Candystick is the easiest way to get friends, family members, colleagues and even strangers together to give a treat to someone special. With this service it’s out with the old and in with the new! Your special friend or family member can now be treated to their very own ‘Candybox’ which they can use to buy a more luxurious and appropriate present for themselves.

The whole process is also super simple and affordable; Candystick doesn’t charge for creating a Candybox and all you need to do is create a Candybox, invite people to contribute and then gift the full Candybox to a special someone. The receiver can then choose to receive the full amount of cash in their bank account or spend their Candybox at any one of Candystick’s partner stores. The site also offers other useful features such as automatic reminders sent to contributors, ‘thank you’ notes from the Candybox recipient, an ‘opt out’ option for anyone not wishing to join the group.

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For more information on the gifting service visit the Candystick website.

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