Celebrate Spring With This Smokey, Zesty Hendrick’s Cocktail [Recipe]

Hendrick's Gin cocktail

This one’s for the cocktail connoisseurs! In celebration of spring, Hendrick’s Gin brings you a cocktail so refreshing that have you’ll forget winter was ever here. The aptly named Hendrick’s Equinox cocktail signifies a time of revival, rebirth and new beginnings with citrusy, smoky flavours. To represent the change in the season, the Equinox is an extraordinary, fizzy and fruity tipple, perfect for celebrating with friends. An unusual array of flavours, it combines the dry tones of vermouth, fresh citrus and the smoke of orris root and vanilla. The orris root, in particular, is one of the eleven botanicals found in Hendrick’s Gin and so this cocktail is a homage to this wonderfully fragrant ingredient.

Here’s how to make it yourself:


50 ml Hendrick’s Gin
12.5 ml dry vermouth
1 bar spoon lemon bitters

Orris root, vanilla (smoke)

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Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass and stir over ice until well chilled, mixed and slightly diluted. Single strain into a martini glass with a saucer and glass dome. Place the glass dome over the drink and, using a hand smoker, fill with orris root smoke and vanilla smoke. Garnish with a cucumber round.

Please enjoy the unusual responsibly. For more information visit the Hendrick’s website here.

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