This App Shows What Makeup Really Looks Like On Deep Complexions!

Cocoa Swatches

Do you struggle to find foundation and makeup to match your darker complexion skin? Beauty blogger Ofunneamaka understands your pain! What started as a passion project soon grew into a cult following, and today resulted in an easy to use app called Cocoa Swatches. When Ofunneamaka started gathering images showcasing how makeup looks on a variety of skin tones and posting it to her Instagram account @cocoaswatches she never imagined the account would hit 22 000 followers and call for the development of an app but women all over the world loved what she was doing and wanted more.

Cocoa Swatches

Now Ofunne has taken the concept one step further with a revolutionary new Cocoa Swatches makeup app which focuses on skin tones often overlooked by mainstream media. Women with a darker complexion will know all too well how frustrating it can be when a makeup house releases a new foundation or concealer comes out with only one dark shade to cater for all darker complexions. Luckily, the Cocoa Swatches app will you ‘try before you buy’ by letting you scroll through various products to see what they actually look like on women of colour.

The Cocoa Swatches app, is available for iOS and Android, is essentially an expansion of the original Instagram account and allows users to scroll through carefully curated makeup swatches of new and old products, product reviews and even tutorials from a wide range of makeup experts and bloggers.

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Cocoa Swatches
Sure, other apps exist that allow you to virtually try on makeup before you buy it but Cocoa Swatches is the first app that allows you to specifically see what popular makeup brands and products look like on a wide range of skin tones. The amount of products included on the app is beyond impressive and helps to give a helping hand to women who feel like their needs aren’t always catered for in the makeup industry.

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