Investing in LEGO is the New Hot Commodity – Here’s How to Cash in On This New Trend!


It’s time to head to the toy stores! If you think your kid’s LEGO collection is a waste of money, think again. Record sale prices for collectable LEGO sets are proving that the much-loved toy is a better investment than shares or even gold! But how can this be? For example, recent research shows that the average set of LEGO has gone up in value by a whopping 12% each year since 2000, while the price of gold has only risen by 9.6% in 15 years and it’s all thanks to the LEGO Group’s short production run policies. LEGO frequently refreshes its range and once sets go out of production the prices can skyrocket, with a large amount of out of production sets fetching 36% more than their original value, especially if those sets are in mint condition. Here are some tips on how to cash in on this new investment trend.

If you’re thinking of investing in LEGO products then it’s important to note that the bigger, rarer sets tend to be worth the most amount of money but the real skill of getting great returns lies in your choice of set to invest in. Take for example, “Cafe Corner” (a hotel set from 2007) which has 2 056 pieces. This set originally sold for £89.99 (around R1,500) but the price has risen to an insane £2,096 (around R35,300) since it went out of production – that’s a 2000% increase! This set was the first in a new range that was developed by The LEGO Group in response to requests from adult fans of LEGO products. By the time people realised the set was around, it had been retired, hence the heavy price tag second-hand sets.

But it’s not just about size. Sets that are based on popular films or landmarks have also been known to collect a fair sum when reselling to collectors. For example, sets themed around the popular sci-fi flick, Star Wars have fetched top prices for investors online. Other popular collectors’ items have also included the Taj Mahal set which allows the buyer to recreate the wonder in India. But that doesn’t mean regular LEGO sets are a wasted investment either – as it turns out, even everyday set themes like a classic police station have managed to fetch a fair sum when sold off if was a big enough set.

But, if it’s real money you’re after the trick is to keep it sealed in the box – known in the collector’s world as MISB (mint in sealed box). You will still be able to sell collectables if they’re out of the box but to get the real showstopping prices you’ll need to resist the temptation to build and store that prized possession, untouched in the box. Some other tips to keep in mind when investing in LEGO products is to go for sets that were released after 1999 as pre-2000 sets were seen as too basic and uninspiring. Keep your collectable sets in a dry and dark storage space as the better the condition, the more the set will sell for in future. To keep boxes in mint condition stack them vertically like books as horizontal stacking will cause the box to crush and the seals to break.


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