Common Hair Problems and How to Fix Them

Frizzy hair

We all want shiny, healthy-looking locks but so many of us struggle with little niggles and nasties that prevent us from having the hair we dream of. But fear not because there are ways to fight back! We approached the experts to show us how to combat some of the most annoying common hair problems many of us face. In this first installment of the common hair problems series, Tamrin Norris  from One Beauty Brands (OBB), distributors of evo, Brazilian Blowout, and Unwash gives us the low-down on what causes frizzy hair and split ends and which products to use to combat these annoying hair niggles.

Frizzy Hair

Cause: mechanical damage:

Using excessive heat on the hair, and often, without heat protection can be detrimental to the cuticle. You probably think your hair stylist is just banging on about nothing but the truth is; heat styling tools such as hairdryers (even when just “rough drying”), curling irons and straightening irons zap so much moisture out of the hair. Moisture is what gives the hair its luster and shine as well as malleability so it’s important that you protect your hair from excessive heat styling.

But it’s not just heat that is sucking up the moisture from your hair. Another hair ‘badie’ that a lot of people are not aware of is air-conditioning. So before you crank up the AC think about the health of your hair.

Treat it:


When it comes to frizzy hair, One Beauty Brands highly recommends a heat protection cream to use before any heat styling occurs. Try Brazilian Blowout Straightening Balm (R380) and evo Easy Tiger (R335) to prep the hair and film the hair with a protective layer to help withstand the heat.

If you’re styling dry hair then you can also use an additional spray on dry hair before using an iron or curling iron.  Try evo Mister Fantastic texture spray (R335) or evo Icon Welder hot tool shaper (R335). In addition to heat protection, both of these texturing sprays have a hold factor, so your style will last for ages!

frizzy hair products

Ladies with curly hair ladies can try evo Liquid Rollers (R335) – the products works as a leave-in styling product or to diffuse the hair.

Chemical damage:

When hair has been sensitized through highlights, colour, perms, relaxers and chemical straighteners it becomes weak and frail and more often than not the cuticle is eroded and vulnerable. In this case, it is vital that the hair is treated with a balance of moisture and protein. “Very often people are under the misconception that when the hair is dry and frizzy that it only needs moisture…  this is not the case especially when the hair is chemically damaged,” warns Tamrin.

OBB highly recommends that above your shampoo and conditioner, a moisture masque or a protein treatment be introduced into your hair care regime. Try evo Mane Attention protein treatment (R335) to help strengthen hair, prevent hair breakage and the fading of colour. “Brazilian Blowout Acai Masque (R530) and Unwash masque (R545) are also two of my faves,” says Tamrin . “They are luxurious and give your hair that much needed luster and suppleness.”

Environmental damage:

The sun and sea can be somewhat harsh on the hair.  As South Africans we are exposed to the harsh sun more than most places in the world and while we are quick to slap on sunscreen for our skin we don’t think about using sunscreen for our hair. Alwyn explains that this is a big mistake. “Both our hair and skin are made up of keratin, given our hair is a more resilient fabric but it still gets a beating from the sun,” explains Tamrin .

Treat it:

Brazilian Blowout and evo has been engineered to provide UVE/UVB protection in predominantly all of their shampoos and conditioners as well as their styling aids so the products are great for summer beach babes who spend lots of time in the sun.

OBB recommends you try Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum (R495) – the product can be used as heat protector or leave-in styling aid, and will help protect the hair from sea water and chlorine as well as from the sun.

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Frizzy hair

Another great product to try is evo Happy Campers hard-working moisturiser (R335) – the leave-in moisturizing treatment has a full spectrum UVA/UBV protection for hair.

Split Ends


There are many contributing factors to getting split ends. The ends of our hair are the most vulnerable part of the hair shaft because it has already been exposed to many external aggressions as well as chemical services. The main causes of split ends are: excessive heat styling (which causes the epidermis to become weakened and vulnerable) and excessive brushing (especially when wet as the hair can stretch up to 1/3rd it’s length) which can cause the hair to snap.

Some people are more susceptible to getting split ends, for example those with very fine hair, so if you know your hair is in a vulnerable state it’s important to take the necessary measures to protect it.

Treat it:

Sadly, there is no full proof way of eradicating split ends once you have them, but there are many preventive measures as well as maintenance products that can be used.

Try evo End Doctor smoothing sealant (R335) – the product has UVA/UVB protection and will tame and smooth down split ends, dramatically reducing the appearance of unwanted split ends. “Brazilian Blowout also has a phenomenal Split End Treatment,” says Alwyn. Brazilian Blowout’s Split End Correction (RRP R355) in-salon professional treatment only takes 10 mins over and above any service you are already having done at the salon and offers a great boost for your hair.

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