Crabtree & Evelyn Release 2 New Fragrances in South Africa! [Review]

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I’m a huge fan of Crabtree & Evelyn – from their hand creams and body lotions to their fragrances, I love it all! But, I know what you’re thinking; “that stuff my gran uses … why?” Well, mostly because their product range is all kinds of amazing and also because over the past few years Crabtree & Evelyn have slowly started to move away from their ‘posh and stuffy’ image towards a more modern outlook. These days the brand is less ‘the Queen Mum’ and more ‘Posh and Becks’ and I have been loving the transition. Every season they come out with innovative and beautiful products that just scream; “Take me home, you know you want to!” and their latest addition to the range is no different. I got the chance to check out the new Crabtree & Evelyn: Black Absinthe and Parisian Millefleurs fragrances and fell in love with the fact that they couldn’t be more different from each other.

My favourite of the two is, Parisian Millefleurs Flower Water (R950 for 100ml bottle). I’ve always loved the Crabtree and Evelyn flower waters because not only do they smell divine but they also come in the most beautiful packaging ever. The bottle is as romantic as it comes and even has a vintage-style perfume pump that will make you feel like your are applying perfume in the Victorian era.

Of course, the fragrance itself is also beautiful – with a name like Parisian Millefleurs how can it not be? This second edition fragrance gives the illusion that you’ve just bathed in a bath of a thousand flowers and pays homage to the original Crabtree & Evelyn Millefleurs fragrance which was inspired by the opulent floral style of scent prevalent in 18th century France. The unique perfumed blend is made from a diverse collection of wild and exquisite blooms (including rose, tuberose and violet) and offers the wearer an array of contrasting floral notes brought together with the aroma of fresh-cut leaves and exotic resins.

If all things pretty and floral aren’t your thing then you need to try the new Crabtree & Evelyn: Black Absinthe (R950 for 100ml bottle) – a unisex fragrance that will have you and your man fighting over the perfume bottle. While this fragrance is technically part of their men’s fragrance collection there is no doubt that its scent will appeal to ladies as well. This fabulous cologne with a creamy tonka base note, pays homage to the rich apothecary roots of absinthe with lively, herbaceous notes a dash of artemisia and fennel flower. You will also get notes of French lavender blended with smooth black liquorice and peppery vetiver. It’s spicy, adventurous and so different from anything else I’ve ever experienced. I particularly loved how subtle the scent was on the skin and I found that the liquorice notes were beautifully demure. I often find that most fragrances that contain liquorice notes tend to be sickly sweet or too overpowering but this was not like that at all!

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Both fragrances are available at Crabtree and Evelyn stores now so pop in to give them a whiff and take one home!

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