CrashDetech App Alerts Emergency Services When You Have a Serious Car Crash

Crash Detech

With an average of 47 road accident fatalities every day in South Africa, we have one of the world’s most dangerous places to drive. And with precious time being the most critical hurdle in getting adequate emergency medical attention, you really can’t afford to wait. That’s where this award-winning, innovative new app can literally save lives. CrashDetech is a locally created smartphone app by entrepreneur Jaco Gerrits, that is changing the way emergencies are reported and carried out.

The app runs silently in the background of your phone and if it ever detects a serious vehicle accident, the app will pinpoint your location and immediately dispatch it to the nearest ambulance. With access to the largest independent network of emergency medical personnel countrywide, the app has more than 5000 paramedics at the ready.

But, even with appropriate medical care, often the injured are not in a state to provide critical information about themselves that could be key to the kind of treatment they may need and attempting to source this information wastes valuable time. The app solves this problem by providing paramedics with your pre-stored vital information so they can get on with saving your life.

CrashDetech recently won The Venture South Africa, a global search for the best social ventures amid 26 different countries. It’s also received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Top Leadership in Technology Award. This app is truly a case of technology helping to save lives.

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Watch below for more about the app:

For more information or to download the app, visit the CrashDetech website.

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