Crazy Store Launches Collection of Affordable Kitchen & Home Gadgets [Review]

Crazy Store Thingamajig

Last year August I told you all about how I am next level obsessed with The Crazy Store. Around the same time, the store launched the Thingamajig collection, a fun new range of kitchen and home gadgets, and my obsession only grew as I proceeded to collect every single product in the collection. Now, a year later, I am beyond excited to announce that The Crazy Store has updated the Thingamajig collection with a whole new range of must-have bits and bobs that make excellent gifts for yourself or a loved one! Here’s a look at the new collection of kitchen and lifestyle gadgets available in stores now.

Thingamajig Splatter Cover – R 39.99

Thingamajig Splatter Cover
Don’t you hate it when you’re making a delicious dessert and you end up with half the cake mixture on the walls and your clothes because your electric mixer can’t contain its excitement? For someone as clumsy as me, this nifty little plastic cover is the best thing since sliced bread. It features an adjustable hole in the middle to allow a hand blender or electric beater head to fit right through the middle while keeping all the good stuff inside the bowl and off the walls.

Thingamajig Silicone Pot Lid “Steamer” – R 69.99

Thingamajig Silicone Pot Lid "Steamer"

Steaming vegetables can easily turn into a hot mess but this super handy Thingamajig Steamer Pot Lid makes it super easy to steam your favourite vegetables and make a deliciously healthy meal for yourself and your family. It features an outrageously cute steam boat, with three steam chimneys, on the top of the silicone circle to allow steam to escape from the pot or bowl and your veggies to stay crisp and delicious. The lid is made from a lightweight silicone material and is dishwasher safe (bonus!).

Thingamajig “Manatea” Tea Infuser – R 49.99

Thingamajig "Manatea" Tea Infuser

Tea lovers will adore this adorable Manatee shaped tea infuser. To use simply place a teaspoon of your favourite loose leaf tea inside the manatee’s bottom half, clip him back together, and let him hang on the side of your tea cup filled with hot water. This little gadget works like a bomb and is the perfect addition to a gift hamper for a tea-loving friend. There’s also a super cute squirrel tea infuser (R59.99) in the collection – good luck choosing which one you want most!

Thingamajig Lamp Bookmark – R 19.99

Thingamajig Lamp Bookmark

There’s nothing worse than losing your place in a book you’ve been reading for ages and before discovering this super cute desk lamp bookmark from the Thingamajig collection I used a boring old piece of paper to hold my place in a novel. Of course, if you’re an avid reader then you will know that a piece of paper is the most ineffective way to hold your place in your favourite book. My “trusty” piece of paper constantly slips out from under the pages rendering it all kinds of useless. This plastic and oh-so-sturdy bookmark fashioned to look like a mini desk lamp lighting the way to your next chapter is the perfect bookmark and a great gift for a book obsessed friend!

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Silicone Hand Lid Lifter and Spoon Rest – R 59.99

Silicone Hand Lid Lifter and Spoon Rest

Need an extra hand in the kitchen? This little guy is quite nifty and offers 3-in-1 convenience in the kitchen. The hand shaped gizmo is a pot lid lifter, a spoon rest, and a spoon holder for the side of your pot. Made from sturdy silicone, it’s heat resistant up to 240 degrees and is dishwasher safe. If you want something a little more cute then you can also opt to let one of these ultra cute farm animals hold up your pot lid (R39.99 for a 3-piece set).

The range includes loads more clever goodies to and The Crazy Store has promised to keep adding more and more items to the collection so there will always be new things to shop in store. You can check out the full collection of Crazy Store Thingamajig goodies online here

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