7 Must-try Hacks for Curly Hair!

curly hair

Curly-haired lasses don’t always have it easy — between dealing with everything from out of control frizz to hairstylists who don’t know the first thing about cutting curly hair, the struggle is real! So, because we’re all about making your life just a little bit easier, we’ve put together this super handy list of tips and tricks for keeping your curly tresses looking great and feeling healthy. Here are 7 must-try hacks for curly hair!

1. Switch to a silk pillowcase:

silk pillowcase

Did you know that cotton soaks up moisture from your hair and causes frizz? That’s right sleeping on that cotton pillowcase is literally sucking your hair dry! Cotton fibres also tug on your precious hair when you toss and turn at night and this can lead to breakage. Switch to a silk pillowcase and limit unnecessary friction on your hair.

PSSST! A silk pillowcase is also good for your skin and can help prevent wrinkles!

2. Ask your hairdresser to cut dry!

As you probably already know, curly hair wet and curly hair dry are two very different animals. Your curls will retract quite substantially when dry and some curls might lay differently than others. Cutting your hair when dry eliminates the chances of any unwanted surprises after cutting and allows your hairstylist to clearly see your end results at they cut.

3. Switch your towel out for a T-shirt:

We haven’t lost our minds, this tip is all over the interwebs and curly-haired ladies are switching their towels out for a T-shirt when drying their hair after washing. Next time you shampoo your hair, try using an old cotton T-shirt to dry your hair instead. The material is softer and will help reduce frizz and breakage. Just wrap your hair in the T-shirt and then squeeze out excess water or, if you want your hair to set overnight then follow the simple steps in the video below! Trust us, it’s a game-changer!

4. Go [Coco]nuts: 

Put some extra oomph into your hair by applying a dollop of coconut oil all over your hair before showering — the oil will act as a deep conditioner and leave hair moisturised and shiny. Ladies with very dry hair can also rub coconut oil on the ends of their hair when styling for extra shine.

5. Plastic wrap is your friend!

Sink hack

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Is your man constantly complaining about how much hair there is in the sink after you’ve detangled your hair over the bathroom sink? Next time, grab a roll of sandwich wrap and line the sink with plastic wrap before detangling your hair. You’ll never clog the sink again!

6. Mix your own curl spray:

Don’t have time to wash your hair? To revive curls in a hurry blend a mixture of half water and half leave-in conditioner and then spray it on the ends of your hair. Then just scrunch your curls to set or style as usual.

7. Work out your curls while you sweat:


The next time you head out for a run or to the gym apply some deep conditioner to your locks and then secure it in a ponytail or a bun before heading out the door. The heat from your workout will lock in the moisture from the conditioner and give you extra soft curls. After your workout hop in the shower and rinse out the product.

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