These Customised Mini LEGO Figurines are the Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Your Man!

Mini Me Memorables

There are great gifts and then are there EPIC gifts and a customised mini LEGO figurine from Mini Me Memorables is probably the most epic gift you can give to a special man in your life this Valentine’s Day! If, like most little boys, your man was a LEGO fan back in the day then there’s no doubt that receiving a LEGO man made in his likeness will go down as one of the coolest gifts you have ever gotten him. Whether you’re shopping for something memorable for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or to celebrate a special occasion or milestone you can’t go wrong with a little something from Mini Me Memorables.

The online store allows you to browse an ever-growing inventory of original LEGO mini figurine parts to create the perfect customised gift. The site includes hundreds of mini torsos, heads, hair pieces, legs, accessories, and more to choose from so making a LEGO man, or woman, to look like someone special is as easy as pie. And, if you want to make it truly memorable you can even splash out on a customised stand with personalised text on the front and back so whoever receives it can display your creation with pride.

Mini Me Memorables

Know a doctor who loves playing the guitar and surfing in his spare time or a pizza-loving journalist who is also an avid gamer? Mini Me Memorables has you covered! The site is chockfull of everything you need to create the perfect look-alike and with all the items conveniently categorised on the site you’ll be able to create your gift in no time at all and have it delivered straight to your door or nearest post office.

Mini Me Memorables

But how much does an epic gift like this cost? The great news is you can customise the gift to suit almost any budget. Whether you’re looking to keep it low-key or splash out, there’s something special waiting to be created by you.To get started simply visit the site, select if you’re creating a male or female figurine and then choose the necessary parts to create your very own Mini Me Memorable figurine. Each piece you add is priced separately and prices start from as little as R15 per piece. I created a figurine for the boyfriend’s birthday and used 7 pieces to create a memorable gift that suited his personality down to a T – in total it set me back just R205! Plus, as an added bonus, Mini Me Memorables is now also offering free national delivery for orders over R250.

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Mini Me Memorables

I can’t think of an occasion that wouldn’t be a great opportunity to gift one of these super cool figurines and after creating one for the boyfriend I’m inspired to gift them to everyone I know. A friend’s wedding, my cousin’s graduation, the arrival of a new baby, or even a housewarming – the possibilities are endless really!

If you want to create your own customised figurine visit the Mini Me Memorables website and don’t forget to say Hi to Mini Me Memorables on Facebook

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