Don’t Forget, South Africans CAN Shop From Asos, Nike, & More US Stores this Season


Sales in SA are getting better and better, but a few countries in the world have truly perfected the art of the sale. International retailers, particularly in the likes of the US and UK, take discounts seriously, and have some stellar sales going down this season.

Furthermore, the choice of retailer is admittedly vaster than here in SA, and certain brands and stores are even unattainable, such as Asos, Harrods, and Nike’s global range; but that idea is actually a thing of the past.

The truth is that South Africans can embrace these stores from the comfy seats of their own homes, because if you see something from an overseas retailer that you just have to have but it isn’t shipped to our sunny shores – then let the folks at Postbox Courier get it here for you!

Postbox Courier can help you out with their international shipping solutions by coordinating overseas orders from retailers that may have limited shipping destinations (and signing up with them is FREE). They’ll even combine several orders for you if you’ve got shipments coming in from different locations. Got orders coming from Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and New York? Postbox Courier will combine them all and get you your goods in one combined shipment.

Postbox Courier


The solution to opening up the figurative doors to Asos, Nike, and the likes (allowing you to now shop for anything you see on the US or UK eBay marketplaces) is Postbox Courier.

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With Postbox Courier, you get a personal postbox address in New York City, London, and other hubs across the world. You can then use this address to send your online shopping there, and the trusty team at Postbox Courier will ensure to get it from there right back here to your doorstep in the good ole Republic.

Postbox Courier is FREE to sign-up, and they’ve even got a handy calculator on their homepage to let you estimate what your shipping costs will be.

Postbox Courier

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