Do’s and Don’ts for Hair Extensions

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It seems like hair extensions are everywhere we look. Even some of our favourite celebrities can be spotted sporting extensions that can instantly transform their hair into something that is red carpet-worthy. But committing to hair extensions does require a bit of care, to ensure that they look and feel good beyond just being worn for a few nights out on the town.

The good news is that there are some things you can do in order to keep your extensions looking and feeling great. There are also some things that you should avoid, in order to keep from damaging your extensions or shortening their use.

Do be prepared to learn

While clip-in hair extensions are an easy addition to your daily styling routine, they and other types of extensions can often come with a bit of a learning curve. The more that you learn about your extensions and caring for them, the easier it’ll ultimately be to keep them in tip top shape. Read the care instructions that accompany your extensions when you first get them and listen to what your stylist recommends.

According to Jadore, an online store for human hair extensions, there are some products that are better for styling and caring for extensions. These products can help to keep your extensions from showing excessive wear and tear before their time.

Don’t overuse the hot styling tools

You can use flat and curling irons on human hair extensions, but it’s important to remember that it can burn and sustain irreversible damage just like your own natural hair. Avoid using styling tools unless you can adjust the temperature to a lower setting. Also take care that you don’t pause on any sections of your hair with a flat iron. You should simply glide it through your hair, which will reduce the damage while still giving you the desired look.

Do take care of your extensions, with the right methods

Extensions require special care, extension-specific products and a routine that will keep them looking their best. If it’ll be too disruptive to your daily routine when you’re getting ready for work, then perhaps clip-in extensions are the better choice for you over sewn-in or glued-in extensions.

Don’t over-wash your extensions

When you have extensions in place or have clip-on extensions to care for, take care that you don’t over-wash your hair. Be sure to also keep away from haircare products that are too greasy. Ideally you want to wash your hair and your extensions every other day. When you do wash your hair be sure to focus your cleaning efforts on the ends and on the scalp. When you apply conditioner, be sure to focus it just on the ends of your extensions.

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Do comb your hair out

Before you go to sleep it’s important that you comb your hair out so that it’s tangle-free. It is okay to use a detangling spray if you need to. Keeping your hair free from tangles before you go to sleep, and ensuring that it’s completely dry, will help to protect your hair from damage during the night.

Don’t just use any hairbrush

The wrong type of brush or comb on your extensions can wreak havoc. Invest in a detangling brush that has softer nylon bristles. This style of brush will allow you to gentle comb through tangles and knots without pulling on the hair.

Your extensions are an investment so be sure to treat them well and care for them in a manner that will allow you to wear them for many more events and adventures.

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