The holidays are here, and you know what that means? Some time to switch-off, relax, and enjoy some time to yourself. However, everyone has those dreams of working for themselves, and, while you’re away from the stresses of daily employment-life, now is the perfect time to ponder your empire.

How does one actually go about starting a business, though? What’s involved? Can you just ‘start’? What do you need to get things off the ground? These are common questions that float around the mind of every soon-to-be entrepreneur, and while there are a lot of personal questions you need to ask yourself, products like Digitise take the guesswork of how to go about launching your business.

Digitise is a multi-pronged approach to online businesses, providing users with everything you’d need from the get-to, including a place to:

  • Buy your own domain.
  • Create your own website.
  • Create custom business email addresses.
  • Add a CRM to manage your customers.
  • Leverage a bulk SMS marketing toolkit.

While these things often are run on separate systems and can end up being quite expensive and complicated, Digitise makes it simple by having it all in one place, running on one system, giving you a single log-in to control all the aspects of your business from your phone, tablet or laptop.

And of course, when starting your first business, keeping the costs slim and tight is the always the better option, and Digitise takes this into account. There are flexible pricing packages so that you can find the best option for you and your business.

The benefit of using the Digitise platform is that from the front-end of the webpage to the CRM and marketing tools in the background, your entire online toolbox is with the same provider, making the transition in the digital space a hassle-free one rather than a painstaking process of vendor selection and hunting down the right service providers.

Why not sign-up and get cracking on your business now? Check out Digitise here.