Forget Expensive Manis, Press-on Nails Are the Future! [Review]

Elegant Touch Nails

I love having freshly manicured nails but with playing two netball games a week it’s just not practical for me to grow my nails or spend a fortune on manicures. But, even if I didn’t play netball I would still struggle to keep my nails looking fab. I’m just super rough on my hands and I’m the kind of gal who struggles to make a natural mani last more than a few hours. Luckily for me I’ve just discovered press-on nails! I’m telling you, if you struggle to keep your mani looking fabulous or your nails long then press-on nails are the future. But, I know what you’re thinking; doesn’t it look fake or feel weird on your hands? Not if you shop around and buy the right ones for you. I tested out a few brands and realised that not all press-on nails are created equal and you need to find the brand that works best for you.

My favourite brand at the moment is Elegant Touch. I tried out a few other, cheaper brands before trying Elegant Touch but, for me, nothing can beat these nails. While other brands feel hard, unnatural and plastic on your hands, the Elegant Touch nails feel natural, soft and light. I also found that with the cheaper brands I was constantly reminded that I was wearing fake, press-on nails. They felt uncomfortable and, even though they were applied with nail glue, chipped off easily, leaving me looking like a freak with one un-manicured finger. Elegant Touch nails are made with UV Gel technology which gives you the benefit of a salon gel, so that your nails won’t chip, the top coat won’t scratch and the nail stays bright and strong for the entire wear.

Elegant Touch NailsI tried out the new Elegant Touch Tropical Collection – Copacabana nails (R99.95 at Dis-Chem). Decorated with a fun pineapple print, these fruity nails are the perfect summer statement. The tropical collection is ideal for a summer holiday or anytime you want to make a statement with your hands. The Elegant Touch Copacabana set comes with 24 nails in 10 different nail sizes, liquid nail glue and a nail file. Elegant Touch Claims that, when applied with the liquid glue, the nails should last up to 1 week. I managed to get 5 days out of mine before I had to take them off.

Elegant Touch Nails

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I also got the chance to sample the new Elegant Touch Express Manicure set in Pink and Purple Polka Dot (R92.95 at Dis-Chem). This set was my absolute favourite as it was incredibly easy to apply and looked super cute. These nails come pre-glued for super easy application and are really easy to remove when you’re done wearing them. I got 4 days of use out of them before I had to remove them but they looked like the still had a few days of wear in them. I also loved that the glue on these nails was easy to remove from my nails. It was almost gel-like and peeled off with no hassle.

I put both sets of nails to the test by washing dishes and being my usual rushed self and was super impressed to find that they didn’t snap off. The cheaper nails I tried snapped off far too easily and I found that I had to carry replacement nails and glue with me at all times just in case one came off but with the Elegant Touch nails I didn’t have to worry at all! I am loving the freedom that press-on nails gives me to carry on doing my hobbies without worrying about wasting my money on manicures every 2 weeks. With press-on nails I can apply my nails on Thursdays and get ready for a weekend of fabulous hands and then remove them again in time for my netball games. They’re also perfect for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more. Since the application is super quick you will have great looking nails in under 15 minutes and be ready to take on the world immediately. No more waiting for polish to dry!

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