Eleksa CityBug: The Low-Down on the Cheapest Electric Car in SA

Eleksa CityBug

The electric vehicle (EV) market is booming across the world, but South Africa hasn’t really seen too many electric-powered cars floating around its roads. However, the Eleksa CityBug could change that.

The CityBug from Eleksa, a South African dealership specialising in electric vehicles, is described as “an ideal city or town runabout” and “experiences good interest as a delivery vehicle for short-range deliveries due to the extremely low running cost.”

Eleksa CityBug

Equipped with a 9kWh battery and a 4kW electric motor, the car is said to have a range of up to 100kms (upgradable to 200kms), with a full charge costing about R15 according to current kW usage.

It features 2 doors and 4 seats, 12-inch alloy wheels, artificial leather seats, and supports a load-carrying capacity of up to 300kgs. It also includes an aircon, sound system, USB ports, central locking, reverse camera, electric windows, digital instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, Google Maps navigation, an Android tablet infotainment system, and emergency cut-off switch.

Eleksa CityBug

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The retail price of the Eleksa CityBug is R230,000.

Eleska has confirmed that more vehicles will be added in future including a small bakkie, delivery van and a small family SUV.

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