Review: Environ’s Dermalac Lotion is a Multi-tasking Product of Note!


I’m a multi-tasker of note — I can’t sit still, and you’ll often find me trying to do a million things at once. So it’s only natural that I also LOVE multi-tasking beauty products. Give me a product that can do two, three or five different things, and I’m there! The best thing about multi-tasking beauty products is that they save you money and precious bathroom cabinet space, and they make you feel like a rockstar who has her life together because look at you solving 10 problems all at once. But enough blabbing let’s talk about my latest multi-tasking beauty find; Environ’s Derma-Lac Lotion. This little gem is a lotion and exfoliator in one (wait, what?) and is a must-have for your beauty box!

Now, this product isn’t exactly new, but it’s oh-so-new to me so when I realised how incredible it is I knew that I just had to share the magic. But what makes this hero product so great? The answer is simple; it’s a lifesaver for anyone with uneven, sun-damaged or congested skin, and it will help keep your skin looking and feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom. The lotion is perfect for eliminating those dreaded post-shave ingrown hairs on your legs and bikini line, and it will even help to treat those super annoying chicken bumps on the back of your arm or any other rough skin on the heels, elbows, knees, or feet that you might want to get rid of. The bottom line is, it can be used anywhere you want help with softening and creating the appearance of smoother skin.

But wait, how can it be a moisturising lotion AND a kickass exfoliator — what sorcery is this? Environ’s Derma-Lac Lotion contains a medium concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) which is why it can have moisturising and exfoliating properties at the same time. In terms of texture, the lotion isn’t exactly what you would expect from a traditional lotion — instead of a creamy texture, it has more of a runny or oily texture which is great because it means you use less product for each application. You might not think it by looking at the product, but it really will leave your skin soft, smooth and nourished. I have very sensitive skin and suffer from some pretty bad ingrown hairs, but I’ve had no ingrown hair issues since I’ve started using the Derma-Lac Lotion after every shave.

Since it contains a small amount of lactic acid the product does sting a little when you apply it to newly shaved skin, but it’s nothing you can’t handle (trust me I’m a complete baby, and I’ve been fine when applying it). If you are going to use the product as often as I do just remember to wear an SPF with any products containing active ingredients like lactic acid, since they temporarily increase sun sensitivity. Having said that the product is completely safe and can be applied to the entire body, morning and evening.

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Environ Derma-Lac Lotion is available from Environ stockists only.

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