Esse Introduces Probiotics, the Latest Trend in Beauty Products

Esse Plus

If you are a fan of organic skincare products then you need to listen up! Esse, one of South Africa’s leading organic skin care brands has just released a new range of products that are going to blow your mind. If you’re not familiar with Esse then you need to get familiar as the brand is all about creating certified organic products that work while also supporting sustainable practices. But even if all that tree hugging stuff doesn’t appeal to you, you cannot deny that their new range is pretty revolutionary. A little while ago the brand introduced us to the new Esse Plus range, their first step into probiotic skin care methods, and we must say we’re intrigued!

With this new range, Esse is gearing up to bring a skin care revolution to South Africa. The range of probiotic cosmetics, beauty and skin care products is aimed at helping to slow down the effects of ageing on skin and word on the street is it’s going to be the new gold standard in anti-aging. The new Esse Plus product range includes an eye contour cream, intensity serum, probiotic serum, ageless serum, defence moisturiser and restorative moisturiser all of which can form a part of your existing Esse skin care regime.

But what makes them so brilliant? Well, according to new research findings, our skin is a living ecosystem with human cells and resident microbes which each contributing to optimum skin health. This ecosystem needs to be fed and properly looked after and that’s where Esse comes in. Probiotics are microbes that are good for you and your skin needs them to fight the signs of ageing. Esse explains that the moment these new Esse Plus products touch human skin, live microbes get activated and help to protect the skin from pathogens, maintain effective barrier function and prevent premature ageing.

While the Probiotic trend is taking off in the rest of the world, Esse is the first South African company to bring a probiotic range to market. With 1 million live probiotic microbes per millilitre in each of the Esse Plus products, you can be sure that these products will get working for you from the moment you start to use them. Of course, it also helps that the entire range is completely natural so your skin won’t be disrupted by synthetic chemicals and other weird stuff.

The new premium line of skin care products from Esse is also beautifully packaged in recyclable glass. The packing was specially designed to be a true airless system so as not to interfere with the probiotics in any way. The outer glass unit houses a polypropylene bag in which the product is contained and once the product is finished, the top can be screwed off and snapped from its glass container to be recycled.

Esse Plus is now available in all leading salons and spas nationwide, and in select health and wellness retailers. For more details on the range, visit the Esse website. Plus, stay tuned to WomenStuff for an Esse Plus product review soon!

For more information on Probiotic skincare and the new Esse Plus range, watch this YouTube video that explains it all:

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