Father’s Day Gadgets Your Dad Will Love

Haynes Build Your Own Retro Radio

So Father’s Day is coming up, but instead of buying your dad a flashy gadget that might just confound him, rather hook him up with one of these items that’ll be more fun that frustration!

PhoneSoap – $99.95

Phone soapNo, this isn’t some kind of weird soap that somehow magically cleans a phone without damaging it – it’s way cooler. The PhoneSoap device is an enclosed case that uses UV light to sanitise a phone, while also having a battery pack that will charge the phone simultaneously. So not only is the phone constantly clean and charged up (in case your dad feels like battery-charging is a hassle), but it’s also well protected in the case, so there’s no chance of chucking it down the driveway or sitting on it by accident! 

Check out PhoneSoap here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA).

Polaroid Root Play 3D Pen – $34.99

Polaroid Root Play 3D Pen
If your dad is more of a hands-on guy, or enjoys woodwork or craft activities, this 3D pen that uses wood sawdust could be a cool hobby gadget for him to get into. It comes with wood filament included, as well as an iOS and Android app, allowing the user to make turn their drawings into 3D objects. Whether it’s just as a hobby, or to make small items for craft markets or gifts, it’s a low-cost and low-effort way to have some fun.

Check out the Polaroid Root Play Pen here here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA).

RocketBook Everlast – $34

RocketBook Everlast
Is your dad a guy that likes to take notes or make doodles with old school pen and paper? Then RocketBook will be the perfect combination of old school ergonomics with the advantage of cloud storage, allowing you to never lose important information. It combines a notebook and an app, where the app will scan the notes made in the notebook and save them to a cloud storage destination in a neat and cropped format. He’ll be able to take his notes in his own hand-writing, or make diagrams or sketches, and be able to beam them straight to a cloud-storage service like Google Drive, Evernote, or iCloud. The Everlast RocketBook even lets you use the pages repeatedly by erasing ink with moisture, and by using FriXion pens, he’ll never run out of pages.

Check out the RocketBook Everlast here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA).

Haynes Build Your Own Retro Radio – £19.99

Haynes Build Your Own Retro Radio

The perfect gift for dads who are a little reluctant to get with the times and start using current generation technology. Don’t urge him to get tech savvy, as it turns out there are a few gadgets out there that still cater to those that enjoy analog over digital. This kit includes all the components and instructions to build a classic Haynes FM Radio, straight from the 1970s. So if he’s a little more Classic FM rather than Netflix, this should remind him of the days before technology became all confusing and temperamental.

Check out the Haynes Build Your Own Radio here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA).

See Also

Porsche Model Engine – £89.99

Porsche Model Engine - £89.99If your dad is a petrol head with a healthy respect for the precision of German engineering, then this model kit might be right up his alley. Basically a serious Lego set for adults, this 1:4 scale replica is of the classic 1966 Porsche 911’s flat six engine, with over 280 pieces and that’s fully functioning with authentic FX sounds. Building it is most of the fun, but afterwards he’ll have some of the glory of a Porsche engine, minus the absurdly expensive maintenance costs and exorbitant petrol consumption!

Check out the Porsche Model Engine here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA).

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