1 Styler, 3 Hairstyles! How to Create Beautiful Looks with Your Flat Iron

flat iron

Being able to create your own salon-look hair styles is every woman’s dream. Whether you want a super sleek look, relaxed wavy hair, or soft curls, we’ve got you covered with all the tips and tricks you need to look like you just got out of a salon chair. Even better news? You only need one tool to achieve it all — a simple flat iron! Sit back and get ready to be wowed as we show you three looks, all created with one styler!

Curly Hair

curly hair

Getting curls that hold until you leave the house can often seem like an impossible task. While you might think a flat iron is just for straightening your locks, the truth is any flat iron can be used to achieve the perfect curl in a matter of minutes.

Here’s how to create the perfect curl:

1. Apply heat protection spray that will create a protective barrier between the hair and the straightener.

2. Section the hair into small strands; the smaller the section the tighter the curls while larger sections result in bouncier, looser curls. Pin up the rest of the hair, this will ensure that you curl each strand properly.

3. Place the straightener fairly close to the scalp, close the appliance and twist it inwards, partially wrapping the strand of hair around the straightener. Then carefully pull down the straightener along the length of the hair. If you are looking to get tight curls then move the straightener slowly, whereas if you want looser curls then pull down the straightener quickly.

4. Once you have repeated these easy steps with all the hair, apply a holding spray to ensure your curls last all day.

Wavy Hair

wavy hair

This look is quick, easy and works on long or short hair, adding laid-back glamour to any occasion.

Here’s how to create the wavy hair look:

1. Apply heat protection spray to clean, dry hair.

2. Take a small section of hair and twirl it to create a wound-up strand of hair.

3. Place the straightener close to the scalp and slowly run it down the strand about ¾ of the way down your hair by firmly pressing down – do not run the straightener all the way to the ends.

4. Repeat these easy steps until all hair is perfectly wavy, but twirl hair in the opposite direction from the previous strand to give your hair maximum body and movement.

5. Finally, break apart the waves with your hands or shake your head back and forth to ensure the waves do not lump together, finishing off the look by locking in the style with hairspray.

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Straight Hair

straight hair

Simply straightening your hair might seem too ordinary for a special occasion, but with a few simple twists to your straightening routine, you could achieve the sleek style with just the right amount of bounce to style-up any ensemble.

Here’s how to create a killer sleek look:

1. Create a protective barrier between your dry hair and the straightener to ensure your hair does not break or burn, by applying a heat protection product.

2. Section your hair into three segments, whether you have thin or thick hair; all the hair from your bangs to your crown will be the first layer, the second part is the hair above your ears, and the remaining hair at the back of your head is the third layer.

3. To ensure you keep volume in your hair, clamp and slide the straightener down a thin strain of hair from mid-length of the hair to the roots, twisting your wrist as you reach the tips to round the style off with elegance. If the hair is not straight after the first pull, slide the straightener through again until you achieve a completely smooth result.

4. Once all segments have been straightened, apply a holding spray to ensure optimum smoothness throughout the night.

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