Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch Proves Wearables Don’t Have to Be Boring! [Review]

Fossil Q Modern Pursuit Smartwatch

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are great but let’s face it, they’re often extremely ugly or boring. I don’t know about you but I really don’t enjoy wearing a black plastic thing on my arm all day every day just so it can tell me how many steps I walked from my desk to the fridge or alert me when I have received yet another update from that “Saturday Morning Hiking” Whatsapp group I didn’t want to be added to in the first place. Just once I would like something shiny, trendy, and pretty to alert me to that fact that my dad is calling (again) to find out if I’ve booked that doctor’s appointment I’ve been putting off or to berate me because I haven’t moved a muscle in 3 hours. Which is why I jumped with glee when the oh-so-stylish Fossil Q Modern Pursuit Smartwatch landed on my desk. Modern, sleek, and chic, this smartwatch is a fashion-conscious gal’s dream come true.

But listen, this watch isn’t just nice to look at, the Fossil Q Modern Pursuit is also all kinds of useful. Packed with features this watch was designed to match your busy schedule as well as your style. It has built-in activity and fitness tracking features, is water resistant and alerts you to social media, text, email, social media, and calendar notifications right on your wrist. The watch also allows you to control your phone’s camera and music player, and track your sleep with no fuss at all.

Fossil Q Modern Pursuit Smartwatch

It’s Bluetooth enabled, is compatible with Android and iOS, and isn’t boring or black. In fact, with its choice of either a white or mint green silicon strap and striking choice of either a silver or rose gold watch face, this watch will make you proud to wear a smartwatch on your wrist every day.

I wore the watch for a few days and only took it off because I knew I had to give it back after two weeks and didn’t want to risk getting too attached. The watches true ‘smartness’ lies in its ability to sync with the Fossil Q smartphone app and its many features which can be controlled via three customisable pushers on the watch.

I found the Fossil Q smartphone’s features to be super useful and intuitive and some of my favourite features included the music controlling capabilities (control your phone’s music player whether it’s Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes or Apple Music), Q Link function (turn your smartwatch into a personal remote to takes pictures on your phone or even find your phone when it’s hidden in plain site), and Custom Goal Setting (whether you want to remember to exercise more, drink more water, or snack less, you can use your watch and app to set and track your goals).

Fossil Q Modern Pursuit Smartwatch

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Another big plus when it comes to this device is that it doesn’t need to be charged. Your Fossil Q is always on and always connected with a battery life up to six months! And, if you’re into tracking your fitness goals then you can also use it to track your steps, the distance you’ve run, and calories burned during your workouts.

I love using a fitness tracker to track but as someone who isn’t training for a marathon or tracking my progress for anything specific, I often find that fitness trackers offer more information than I can ever possibly use. A hybrid smartwatch and fitness tracker like the Fossil Q is right up my alley because it combines everything I love about smartwatches (like keeping track of my schedule and important notifications from my smartphone) and fitness trackers in one convenient device. The Fossil Q  is particularly lovely because it adds just a pinch of technology to otherwise traditional, but gorgeous, timepieces and gives me something to complement my outfits daily, rather than ruin them.

The Fossil Q Modern Pursuit is available online from Watch Republic for R3,799. 

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