Fujifilm Releases Retro-Inspired Smartphone Printer in SA

Fujifilm smartphone printer

We take so many photos on our smartphones every day but how many of these do we actually scroll back on weeks, months, or years later to relive fond memories? While loads of these photos are probably just random snaps of your day, and not worth a second look, every so often there are those gems that are worth displaying so we say it’s time to bring back the age old joy of printed photos! But forget, schlepping to the photo printing shop to bring those snaps to life because Fujifilm has launched a retro smartphone printer to make printing photos an absolute breeze. Here’s why the Instax SHARE SP-3 is every serial photographer’s dream come true.

If you have a smartphone and the Instax Share app, this genius gadget allows you to edit and print photos on trendy, retro Instax film. The nifty printer is small, lightweight and battery-powered – perfect for capturing and printing on-the-go moments. It’s available in two monotone colour variations: black and white – effortlessly chic!

With the easy-to-use Instax Share app, you can edit images before printing with the My Template feature, which includes a bunch of pre-designed templates to jazz up your pictures. You can add texts, create collages, flip through filters and adjust colours and contrasts, and share these images to your social media or email accounts.

Fujifilm smartphone printer feature
The coolest part? You can print an image in just 13 seconds by using your smartphone’s WiFi connection, or from one of your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, flickr and Dropbox. There’s even a social networking template where you can add a profile picture and number of likes to the printed photo!

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The Instax SHARE SP-3 is available from leading tech retailers for around R3 500. Download the Instax Share app free on the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

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