Gadget Gals: Top 5 Gadgets and Tech News You Need to See!

We ladies love us some good tech news and reviews as much as the next guy which is why WomenStuff brings you a monthly round-up of gadget reviews, tech news and other fun techy-themed stuff you should probably know about. From the latest smartphones to where to take your much-loved devices for repairs and a little TLC, our monthly tech roundup is all about keeping you in the know. So, keep reading to find about our top 5 picks for gadgets and tech news you need to see!

Please note: The WomenStuff team has not yet reviewed any of the items below, this is merely a round-up of new gadgets launching in South Africa soon.

Take better selfies with the LuMee Light-up smartphone case.

LuMee Case

The LuMee Light-Up smartphone case, made famous on Instagram by international celebs, like Kim Kardashian, is finally available in SA! The cellphone case with a built-in warm LED front-light strip puts professional lighting in the palm of your hands. The case also has a dimmer switch which allows you to control light strength and take the perfect selfie in any light conditions. LuMee is the celeb-endorsed answer to softer, more flattering, professionally lit shots. The case also has a rechargeable battery with charging cord, so it won’t suck your phone’s precious battery life, and is also durable and resistant, protecting your smartphone from external damage.

The LuMEE smartphone case is now available online from hi-online and in selected hi stores in Canal Walk, Tyger Valley, V&A Waterfront and Somerset Mall. The case is available for iPhone 6 and 6S in black, silver and rose gold – grab one for R1 099 each.

Get great performance without the hefty price tag with the Hisense Infinity KO

Hisense Infinity KO

Looking for an affordable smartphone with top-notch features? The Hisense Infinity KO is being aimed at the mid-range market and it has the specs to match. An octa-core Snapdragon 415 running at 1.36GHz, 3GB of RAM, and a 5-inch HD (we suspect 720p, which is technically ‘HD’) are the main specs but Hisense has also opted for a 13MP/5MP camera combination. The hardware setup is running on Android 5.1, with Hisense’s own Vision UI running on top. However, the best thing about the device is its robustness. The Infinity KO features a rubber lining along the bezel on the top and bottom of the phone, along with rubber covers for the input areas, so you can enclose the charging, storage, and headphone ports to protect it from dust, dirt, and water. That’s right, the Infinity KO is water-resistant up to 1 metre, so you won’t have to worry dropping your phone in the bath, sink or anything else really when using the Infinity KO.

The Hisense Infinity KO is priced at R4000 and is available from selected retailers nationwide.

Stay connected with the Logitech K780: One Keyboard for Any Device.

Logitech K780

This latest keyboard from Logitech rewrites the rules of desktop typing for the modern workspace. The Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is the first fully-equipped computer keyboard with a 10-key pad that also works with smartphones and tablets. With the touch of an Easy-SwitchTM button, you can easily switch between– and type on – any three connected devices. Using this clever device allows you to type comfortably at desktop speed on all the devices that you use at your desk, seamlessly switching between them with the touch of a button. The device offers quiet and responsive typing and an integrated rubber slot with a soft finish securely cradles a variety of mobile devices at a perfect reading angle, from smartphones to the 12” iPad ProTM. With both a Logitech Unifying USB and Bluetooth Smart technology, you can choose the best way to connect to your computer, phone or tablet.

The K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard will be available in South Africa near the end of this year at a recommended retail price of R 1399. 

Keep things cool with Hisense’s new Ice Maker Fridge.

Hisense Ice Maker fridge H700SI-ID

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Bid farewell to the archaic ice tray and welcome Hisense’s fabulous Ice Maker fridge (H700SI-ID). The fridge boasts an integrated water and ice dispenser along with a range of other great features. Built into the fridge is an electronic LED multi-function control panel allowing users to select various dispensing options, including cooling water, cubed ice or crushed ice. The indoor ice maker can make up to 1.2kg of ice per day, essentially offering ice ‘on tap’. The height of the dispenser has been designed thoughtfully, allowing taller glasses to fit rather than struggling to fill your glass at an obscure angle. A removable wine rack – holding up to five bottles- has been included to make life that much more convenient. The fridge also helps to keep food fresher for longer – thanks to NANO-freshness technology, the fridge prolongs the freshness of fruits and vegetables by 20%, while minimizing odour via a multi air flow system.

The new fridge retails for approximately R14 999 and is available from selected retailers nationwide.

Be productive on Acer’s svelte TravelMate X3 Notebook.

Acer TravelMate X349

If you’re always on the go then the new Acer TravelMate X349 is the laptop for you. The svelte device allows users to work and travel confidently with a sleek all-aluminum chassis, Measuring in at under 18 mm thin weighing just 1.53 kg, the TravelMate X349 will go anywhere with you. The laptop offers 10 hours of battery life as well as outstanding performance, thanks to 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, DDR4 memory and SSDs. Designed for small and medium businesses, and professionals who want to work in style, the 14-inch TravelMate X349, boasts a modern, brushed metal design that blends style with advanced technology. It is designed for those who need a real workhorse notebook that is stylish and delivers best-in-class performance, portability, and security.

The TravelMate X349 will be available in South Africa from October 2016 at the suggested retail price of R 14 999, 99. To find out more about the about the TravelMate X349 visit the Acer South Africa website.

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