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Bedrooms are a space for relaxation and rest. It’s the room you retreat to after a long day to regain your strength and settle your mind. The bed is usually what provides the comfort you need but adding a sofa bed to the space can take your comfort to the next level.

If you have the room for a sofa, it’s a great addition, and a sofa bed adds more functionality to the area. Use the sofa as a space to plop down and thumb through your favourite magazines or tuck into that book you’ve been dying to read. A separate seating area ensures your bed is only used as intended, for sleeping.

Another benefit is the extra storage you can get out of an L-shaped sleeper sofa bed. The attached chaise lounge often has a hidden compartment for storing blankets, pillows, or any other items you need to use it for. You can stretch out with your snacks on the chaise and watch tv comfortably instead of propping yourself up in bed with several pillows.

Now, you may ask why would you get a sofa bed in your bedroom? If you already have a bed, what’s the purpose of adding another? Well, sofa beds are for guests and if you have teens with friends who often spend the night, it’s the perfect piece for their room. They can sit and chat with their friend during the day and when night falls, the friend can use the comfy sofa to sleep. Visitors now have somewhere to sit other than the bed when stopping by.

Another bedroom sofa option is a daybed. These are great for saving room in smaller spaces and the bedrooms of young children. They are sofas that double as beds without having to pull out any mechanisms. This piece is easy to use and comes in a variety of styles from casual to elegant.

Guest rooms are also perfect spaces for sofa beds. Once again, the guest has somewhere to sit and sleep all in one piece. You can go with the standard pull-out bed and remove all the cushions to get to the mattress. Or you can choose a more modern convertible sleeper where the extension for the bed is hidden underneath the sofa. Just pull it out and pop the section up to meet the other cushions and you’ve got a bed.

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When it comes to choosing a mechanism for pullout beds, think about who will be using it most. If the answer is a child or elderly relative, go with an option that requires very little work to convert it into a bed. The users will thank you for keeping them in mind as they prepare for sleep.

Now that you’re convinced that you may just need a sofa bed for a bedroom in your home, don’t forget to measure the space before you buy. Make sure the sofa is proportionate to the space and that there is enough room for the bed once it’s fully extended.

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