Review: G-Loves Gloves Brings Comfort & Style to Your Workout

G-Loves Gloves

If you’re a fitness fanatic then you’ll be dying to get your hands on G-Loves. These high-performance exercise gloves are designed to protect you from injuries and make a bold fashion statement. With a range of lightweight gloves and wrist wraps to suit a variety of different workout types, G-Love aims to be an asset in any gym bag.

The range of G-Loves women’s and men’s gloves and wrist wraps are made of lightweight and breathable, non-chafing slip-proof neoprene that is breathable and works to wick moisture and contour to your hand. The hi-tech silicone grip enhances your performance, while cropped fingers allow for freedom of movement. The gloves offer added protection while exercising and also protect from gym germs, hand fatigue and calluses.

Made in the USA, G-Loves workout gloves feature hi-tech silicone ink grips for added surface traction, stability and security on any surface, which serves to improve and enhance your performance no matter your fitness level. The gloves offer protection for joints, ligaments, bones, nerves, and muscles in your hands and can be used for everything from weightlifting and strength training to yoga, trail running, CrossFit, water sports, horse riding, pole dancing, and even dog walking — any activity that requires grip

For those who suffer from wrist pain, tendon pressure, numbness, arthritis and hand fatigue while exercising G-Loves offers Gelometrics, a range of gloves with silicone gel inserts to provide relief from wrist pain and numbness. Both glove ranges are available in on-trend designs like geometrics to neon and animal print, and are the perfect accompaniment to every fitness enthusiast’s workout wear.

G-Loves Gloves

I’ve been wearing G-Loves gym gloves for my strength training sessions for over 2 years now, and they’re by far the best gym gloves I’ve ever used. They’re supremely comfortable and provide excellent cushioning, whether you’re smashing out deadlifts, braving pull-ups, or curling dumbbells. The unique design of the gloves ensures you get a snug fit without feeling like your hands are encased in a sweaty fabric dungeon. The gloves wrap around your hands and are kept in place with strong Velcro clasps, giving you the freedom to slip them off and on quickly and easily throughout your workout.

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