Pandora Moments Collection: Style Your Look, Your Way

Pandora Moments collection

I love anything that can be personalised; whether it’s a custom T-shirt, sneakers or jewellery. When it comes to accessories, Pandora offers the ultimate in personalised style. With a wide variety of charms to choose from and so many ways to wear them, the options for building your style story are endless. But now, Pandora is upping the ante with the all-new Pandora Moments collection that prioritises self-expression in a whole new way

This exciting new collection enables you to style your story in new ways. When it comes to self-expression through style, having options is key. The innovative new designs from the Pandora Moments collection are all about freedom and options, giving you the tools to choose your own look and let your personality shine through in a multitude of ways.

Pandora Moments collection

Featuring a range of stunning charm holders, key rings, hoop earrings and all-new charms, the Pandora Moments collection offers fresh ways to wear your favourite Pandora charms and take them to totally new places. Crafted in Pandora’s signature high-quality metals, the charm holders in the collection invite you to creatively customise your earrings, keys, bag, wrist or belt to suit any mood or occasion.

We tell our personal stories through our charms and how we wear them; whether it’s on our wrist, around our neck, on our ears, and beyond. These new unique styles and charm holders from Pandora enable accessory lovers to take a new approach to styling their outfits with charms.

Pandora Moments collection

The Pandora Moments charm hoop earrings will add a touch of personality to your look; and with a variety of charms to choose from, you can switch up your look whenever the mood strikes and customise your earrings to suit your outfit. Available in sterling silver and 14k rose gold-plated metal, these earrings feature Pandora’s famous snake chain pattern and each hoop is the same size as a small Pandora O Pendant, so they can hold up to three charms, dangles or pendants.

For a casual look bursting with personality, loaded charm holders can add a super cool accent to your favourite pair of jeans. Simply add your favourite charms to the Pandora Moments Heart Charm Holder or the Pandora Moments O Charm Holder, and clip the charm holder onto a belt loop for instant pizazz. With these charm holders, Pandora has completely reimagined the way that charms can be worn. Loaded with charms, they can be clipped on your belt, bag or literally anywhere else you like. The possibilities are limitless, so let your imagination run wild!

Pandora Moments collection

Crafted from sterling silver and with a snake chain texture, the O Charm holder can hold up to seven charms. The heart charm holder is hand-finished in sterling silver and features an openable rigid snake chain heart outline and clasp. It can be styled with up to five charms, dangles or pendants.

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For your handbag or keys; a key ring with your favourite charms will bring sparkle and fun to an everyday staple item, while a bag charm holder featuring charms you love will add a playful touch to your handbag. I’ve been playing around with the Pandora Moments Small Bag Charm Holder and have been loving the versatility of this clever little accessory.

Hand-finished in sterling silver, the bag charm holder features a small lobster clasp and jump rings with Pandora’s iconic snake chain pattern. It can hold a maximum of three charms, dangles or pendants and can be styled in a multitude of ways. I love it because I can switch out my charms on the charm holder whenever I feel like a change, or easily unclip the charm holder and move it to another handbag as I’m heading out the door.

With this new collection, Pandora is changing the way accessory lovers style their looks with charms. The new charm holders offer exciting opportunities to play with charms and add a pop of personality to almost any part of your outfit. If you love to have fun with your style and play with new looks and trends then you’ll adore these new additions to the Pandora range.

Check out the range of new Pandora Moments charm holders here

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