Great Women of Gaming: How Women Are Leveling the Playing Field Within the Gaming Industry

Over the years, social structures and norms have significantly affected women in human history. At the same time, several women have defied the odds in their attempts to break this age-long phenomenon. Education has played a critical role in bringing equity at the workplace as it has opened the door for women to rise to leadership. In the gaming sector, the dawn of the internet and mobile connectivity was a game-changer. Women can effortlessly access online gaming platforms like Betway as the accessibility of online casinos has slowly but surely changed this male-dominated bastion making the playing field equitable.

Recent studies have revealed that the online gaming industry is experiencing considerable growth. The studies also suggest the growth is projected to continue in the foreseeable future. Additionally, experts claim that the profile of gamers has also changed.

According to reports, the gender gap has reduced as more women take part in online gaming. As a matter of fact, the reports suggest that the number of women gamers is increasing at a higher rate than that of their male counterparts.

In the current dispensation, society has acknowledged eSports as a career option. As a result, it has emerged as an option for many female gamers. Moreover, women are also participating in game development.

Developers have appreciated the influx of women in the gaming sector by developing games for a varied audience. Nevertheless, this area needs to be worked on more as many games still come with gender stereotypes.

Research has shown that nearly 48 percent of gamers are women. Meaning when you check the user base of a top online gaming platform such as Betway, you will find a significant number of female users. Furthermore, more women are taking part in various eSports, virtual games as well as casual games.

There Is a Need to Encourage More Women to the Industry

Despite all the developments, the number of female gamers is less when compared to their entire population. You see, the genre and type of game arouse the gamer’s interest. In this regard, industry operators must continue encouraging more women developers to join their development teams.

This approach will ensure the games contain features that will attract more female gamers. Having an unbalanced demographic divide has a significant effect on the type of games developed. Therefore, creating more gender parity in the development teams would help to attract more women into the gaming fold.

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For instance, gaming companies need to employ more women in C-level positions. Venture capitalist companies have helped to promote this approach. The companies invest in gaming firms that have at least one woman on the list of its founders.

Examples of Women doing exploits in the gaming world

  • Anisa Sanusi – she is the founder of Limit Break, a free mentorship program helping the underrepresented individuals in the UK gaming sector.
  • Anna Anthropy – she is a writer and video game designer that promoted a DIY approach to creating self-published games. Her initiative aims to give marginalized gamers a chance to participate in game design and development.

There are many other women with excellent initiatives that will help bring more equity to the gaming industry. In the meantime, women continue to flourish in the different roles they play in the industry.

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